How to Add Courses ?

Professors do not have control over the WAITING LIST nor will they have access to ADD NUMBERS until the first week of class.

If you need immediate assistance regarding registration, call the SCC College Admissions Office: 916-558-2351.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I enroll in your course?

Answer Students who are “NOT ENROLLED”  in my courses include:

  • Students who are ON THE WAITING LIST,
  • Students who JUST WANT TO ADD a new class,
  • Students who were dropped by Admissions and Records.

To add the class you will have to:

  1. Complete the D2L Sample Class AND attend the Course Orientation. Add numbers will be handed out (if there is space available) for the desired course(s). No exceptions. No guarantees.
  2. Add numbers will NOT be available before Orientation, (see times listed by course on the Orientation page).
        1. Add numbers are FIRST distributed (in order) to students who are on the waiting list.
        2. Afterwards, add numbers will be distributed to “un-wait-listed” students who have brought their D2L Sample Class Certificate of Completion to the Orientation.
  3. If you are desperate to add, check to see if there is space available in one of the cross-referenced sections. It is easy to change FCS to SOC (for example) once you are enrolled in the class. Please remember, that change cannot occur until I have the add numbers at the orientation.
  4. The enrollment message “You need instructor permission to add,” means the waiting list is full. Continue trying to get onto the waiting list because add numbers will be given to students on the waiting list first. If you are not on the waiting list, your chances of being added are slim.
  5. If you get an Add Number, you must enroll AND pay your fees right away. If not, you will automatically be dropped. New add numbers will not be distributed for this reason.
  6. Make sure you are adding the correct section number (or course code). The add number for one section will not work for another section.

If the class I want to take is full, can I still add it?

Answer:  Check to see if there are openings under the cross-referenced heading. If all sections are full I might be able to open the course to more students at the Orientation.

First: Add numbers will be distributed in the order students appear on the WAITING LIST.

Next: Add numbers will be given to those students who completed the D2L Free Sample Class (AND have their certificate of completion with them).

Last: Add numbers will ONLY be given at the Mandatory Orientation, if there is space available. (See Mandatory Orientation Schedule for dates, times and locations.)

Important NOTE:

  • Add numbers must be used immediately, they will expire.
  • Registration payment must be made right away, or Admissions and Records will drop you from the class.
  • Add numbers are specific to a single Course Code. If you receive an error message, double check that you are trying to add the correct course code.