Sociology of Aging

GERON 300 or SOC 335

Same course, just cross referenced

Required Textbook:
Aging Matters

Image of the Aging Matters Textbook
Author:  Hooyman

Edition: 1st*
ISBN: 9780205727643

The text may be purchased at the SCC Campus Bookstore, or Student Book Exchange, or various online bookstores like Amazon or; or download an e-text, or check into renting a book at

There should also be a copy of the text at the SCC Library Reserve Desk and the Davis Center for a 2 hour maximum checkout.

*If you choose to use a different edition of the text, it is your responsibility to compare your text with the current text for updated information and reorganization of the material. (Older copies of the text might be found on the 3rd floor of the Learning Resource Center.)

Video Series Enhanced Online-Class
Growing Old in a New Age

Growing Old Video Series
The VIDEO SERIES “Growing Old in a New Age” accompanies this course. You will view 13  one-hour programs introducing key concepts and facts. Selected experts provide commentary.

Where to View Course Videos: The video series may be viewed at the Annenberg Learner web site.

Orientation and Syllabus Information


ONLINE-CLASS Mandatory Orientation:
Click on the ORIENTATIONS link for the meeting date and time.

Prior to our Orientation:

In addition to the course orientation, students will complete the assigned reading, video series, discussions, activities, exams, and participate online using Desire-2-Learn (D2L).

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D2L Access Link:
D2L Student Resources:

Week 1 Assignment


  • Update your SCC gmail. (You can forward your SCC gmail to an email address you regularly use.)
  • Complete the D2L Free Sample Class
  • Submit D2L Free Sample Class Orientation- Certificate of Completion to the Sociology of Aging Dropbox
  • Take the Sociology of Aging Orientation Quiz
  • View “Prayer About Getting Old”
  • Read Chapter- 1 The Growth of Social Gerontology
  • Read Chapter 2- Historical and Cross-Cultural Issues in Aging
  • Watch Program 1: Myths and Realities of Aging
  • View Powerpoint Lectures
  • Listen to the NPR Broadcasts
  • Submit to Sociology of Aging Dropbox
    • Video #1 Reaction Paper
    • Older Adult Interview #1
  • Discussion Board
    • Self-Introduction
    • Resources for our Older Adult Population
    • Reaction to your Older Adult Interview
  • Review Chapters 1 & 2
          • Take Chapter Quizzes
          • Study Guides