Multimedia News Specialist

Certificate of Achievement (COA)

A certificate as a Multimedia News Specialist offers students the opportunity to take courses in media theories, news writing and reporting, AP style, and writing for publication, which readies them for the following courses that offer hands-on experience in three award-winning, student-produced publications: the Express, a biweekly print newspaper; Mainline, a magazine published once a semester; and, a daily online news publication. The certificate prepares students for employment opportunities that require knowledge of and skills in producing print, broadcast, and online media.

Career Opportunities 

The Multimedia News Specialist certificate is geared for students who need to develop media skills as a component of their existing job, or want to acquire media skills as an opportunity to advance. The certificate is meant to train vocational students for work on print or on-line publications at a business, organization, or government agency. Students in this category may be, or want to become, responsible in their job duties for business newsletters, company Web sites, or public relations outreach within organizations. Students pursuing a certificate often are not interested in an exclusive media career, but want media skills to enhance their present job skills. They typically are not students who desire a professional media career. This certificate gives students the opportunity to gain skills as print and multimedia editors, writers, reporters, copy editors, photographers, designers on a company’s or organization’s on-line media Web site, newsletter, or trade magazine.

Required Program
JOUR 300 Newswriting and Reporting 3
JOUR 302 Style for Media Writers 1
JOUR 310 Mass Media and Society 3
or ENGWR 384 Mass Media and Society (3)
     or COMM 351 Mass Media and Society (3)
JOUR 410 College Newspaper Production 3
JOUR 430 Online Production 3
JOUR 360 Photojournalism 3
or PHOTO 350 Photojournalism (3)

A minimum of 12 units from the following:
JOUR 403 College Magazine Production (3)
JOUR 340 Writing for Publication (3)
 or ENGWR 330 Writing for Publication (3)
JOUR 320 Race and Gender in the Media (3)
JOUR 420 Publications Production Skills Lab (0.5 – 3)
GCOM 319 Print and Multimedia Publication Design (3)
GCOM 313 Digital Layout 1 (3)
GCOM 330 Digital Imaging 1 (3)
or PHOTO 400 Digital Imaging (3)
WEXP 498 Work Experience in (Subject) (1 – 4)
JOUR 364 Multimedia Capture I (3)
or PHOTO 380 Multimedia Capture I (3)
Total Units: 28

Upon completion of this program, the student will be able to: 

  • analyze content of newspapers, magazines, and on-line media.
  • demonstrate an understanding of basic news, feature writing, and reporting in print and on-line media.
  • evaluate and critique their own journalistic work and the work of others.
  • apply knowledge of grammar and AP style to create mass media products that conform with journalistic conventions.
  • produce news and feature articles and/or news and feature photographs for publication in a newspaper, magazine or on-line publication.
  • apply principles of audience and journalistic ethics to writing and photography, especially as the student’s journalistic work relates to gender, ethnicities, and class.
  • demonstrate understanding of the fundamentals of mass media theories, concepts, and practices as they relate to gender, ethnicities and class constructs.