Resources for Spanish

Real Academia Española (RAE)

Need to type Spanish characters? Click here.

Want to learn and/or practice Spanish but don’t have time to take a class? Check the website studyspanish for information and tutorials.

Want to read some Spanish newspapers? Check these out!
El País (España)
La Vanguardia (España)
El Mercurio (Chile)
La Tercera (Chile)

Resources for French

L’Académie française

Need to type French characters? Click here.

What to practice your French listening comprehension and a little extra help with grammar?

Want to read some French newspapers?
Le Monde

Want a little lighter reading? Are you interested in the latest French gossip?

Want to access a good online dictionary?

Resources for Mandarin

If you would like to type in Chinese characters, Pinyin and English, you may download this useful and free software from the NJ Star website.