Child Development Training Consortium Application Instructions

The Child Development Training Consortium (CDTC) provides services, training, technical assistance, and resources to students and professionals working with and for children.

In doing so, they help promote professionalism and high quality early care and education programs that benefit California’s children and families.

Students must be working directly with children in a licensed program, (Center or Family Child Care or After-School Care).

Early Childhood Education Instructional Staff

Dear Student:

To be eligible for services through the Child Development Training Consortium (CDTC), you must go online to complete a Student Profile Application

Step 1: Complete the Student Profile Application Online: The Student Profile Application is located on the Child Development Training Consortium Web Site at

Locate and complete the Student Profile Application:

  1. On the home page, under “Services Provided”, select the Early Childhood Education Student Career and Education Program link (or from the Services tab).
  2. On the Early Childhood Education Student Career and Education Program at CA Community Colleges page, locate the yellow box on the right that states “CDTC Campus Students: Enroll in the ECE Student Career and Education Program Here:”
  3. Select the “Student Profile Application” link.
  4. Select the Create Account link and fill out the information on the form (this will allow you to access your Student Profile in future semesters).
  5. Follow the 4 Steps on the “Student Profiles Workspace” page to either create a new Student Profile Application or edit your existing Student Profile Application:
  • Update the My Personal Information section by selecting Edit if necessary.
  • Create a new Student Profile by selecting “Add a Student Profile” link – Complete form and select the “Save” button at the bottom of the form.
  • To make changes to your existing Student Profile Application, select the “Edit” link. To submit the completed Student Profile Application to your College Coordinator, select the “Submit” link.
  • Select the “Download” link and print form (for the current semester).  Have your employer complete Section C, (Employer or Self Employment Information) and obtain the required signature. Submit the completed paper form to your coordinator by the specified due date shown below.

Step 2: Submit the Hard Copy Student Profile to Laurie Perry, the CDTC Coordinator at Sacramento City College.

After completing your paperwork, place it in an envelope addressed to:

Laurie Perry
c/o Child Development Center
Sacramento City College
3835 Freeport Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95822

  • You can mail the envelope to Laurie Perry, or
  • Leave the envelope at the reception desk of the Child Development Center, or
  • Leave the envelope at the reception desk of the Behavioral and Social Science Division, Rodda Hall North, RHN 226.

If you have questions for Laurie Perry you may contact her by: