Become a Peer Tutor

The Learning Skills & Tutoring Center (LSTC) employs Sacramento City College students as peer tutors to conduct one-on-one and small, informal group tutoring in a variety of subjects offered at the college.

Peer tutors do the following:
*  Assist student in reviewing and clarifying information covered in class
*  Assist students in improving their study skills for the subjects tutored
*  Assist students in achieving subject mastery

The LSTC is looking for applicants who meet the following requirements:
*  Are students in good standing with the college
*  Have an overall GPA of 2.0
*  Have passed the courses they wish to tutor with grades of “A” or “B”
*  Have good, informal English speaking skills
*  Is patient with others and likes helping people
*  Demonstrates sensitivity toward and respect for diverse backgrounds of other students
*  Can obtain faculty recommendations for the courses they wish to tutor

In addition, applicants who are hired must take a one-unit tutor training course, unless they have already earned a Bachelor’s Degree or completed formal tutor training in the past,  and must be available periodically for additional in-service training.

Peer tutors earn $9.00 hourly;  tutors must be enrolled in at least 6 units at SCC in order to be paid for their tutoring services.

Tutor Application

For further information, contact the LSTC coordinator

Loretta Richard