What are Sacramento City College’s Bathroom Policies?

Every student has the right to use campus facilities without being harassed, bullied, or victimized. At this point, Sacramento City College has no clear policy regarding the use of gendered spaces and facilities, including men’s and women’s multi-stall bathrooms. However, at SCC we affirm that every student has the right to use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity. In addition, there are single-stall unisex restrooms for student use in the Cosmetology building and in the Child Development Center.

In response to Campus Issues Form 13-14-06, SCC is in the process of identifying additional existing single-stall restrooms and replacing the “men/women” signs with unisex/gender-neutral signs. Additionally, SCC will incorporate single-stall unisex restrooms into any new building construction plans wherever feasible. You can read the College President’s response here.