Library Workshop Schedule

Get your intro to library resources in these brief face-to-face sessions. Our 50-minute library workshops are held throughout the semester on the second floor of the LRC. Sign up in person at the Research Help desk, or call 916-558-2461.

We offer two different sessions. You can take one or both, in any order you like.

Workshop A

  • overview of library services
  • locate library books and other materials using the library catalog
  • learn to request items from other libraries

Workshop B

  • locate full-text magazine/journal/newspaper articles using library databases
  • understand basics of subscription database purposes and functionality

Getting Credit

Some instructors offer extra credit for attending one or both of the sessions. Here is how you get proof of attendance:

  1. At the end of the session, you will be given a worksheet.
  2. You will complete the worksheet. You can do this immediately after the session or you can do it later; you will need to be online to do the worksheet, but you do not have to do it inside the library.
  3. When you are done, bring the worksheet to the Research Help desk on the 2nd floor of the LRC.
  4. A librarian will check your work. If you complete the worksheet satisfactorily, you will receive a paper proof of completion that you can give to your instructor.

We recommend that you keep a copy of this paper slip, in case a second professor also requires proof of completion. The Library does not retain records of attendance at these sessions.


Face-to-Face Workshops are not held during Summer Session.

Tuesday, February 412:00 PMA
Tuesday, February 186:00 PMB
Thursday, February 279:00 AMB
Friday, February 282:00 PMA
Monday, March 312:00 PMA
Tuesday, March 1111:00 AMB
Friday, March 1411:00 AMB
Monday, March 1712:00 PMB
Thursday, March 276:00 PMB
Friday, March 2812:00 PMA
Saturday, March 291:00 PMA
Tuesday, April 13:00 PMA
Wednesday, April 96:00 PMB
Thursday, April 1012:00 PMA
Thursday, April 2412:00 PMB
Friday, April 2511:00 AMB
Monday, April 286:00 PMA
Tuesday, April 2912:00 PMB
Saturday, May 31:00 PMB
Monday, May 1212:00 PMB