Computers and Printing

The second floor of the LRC has approximately 35 computers available for student use, along with 2 printers.

Signing in to computers

Sign in to the computers the same way you sign in to eServices, D2L, and Los Rios Gmail: your student ID number, beginning with a “W”, and your password.

Waiting for computers

  • If you see a computer that is unoccupied and there is no line, you may sit down and sign in to the computer.
  • If all computers are in use, a line forms near the Research Help desk.



  • Black-and-white printing is available at $0.10/page.
  • Pay in cash (recommended) or with Student Access cards onto which you have loaded money.
  • You can get change for up to $5 bills at the Circulation Desk. To get change for larger bills, go to the Business Office in Rodda North.

Sending your print job

  • If you are using a library computer, after you click “Print” on your document, a print job will show up at the printer pay station with your Student ID number on it.
  • To print from your own laptop or other device, or from outside the library, you need to use the GoPrint Mobile Cloud Print service.

For information on this service, see Information Technology’s Wireless GoPrint page.


Computers are loaded with:

  • Windows 7
  • Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Office 2010 Professional
  • JAWS

If you require specialized software (such as Adobe Creative Suite), please check with other computer labs.

Special Computers

Express Computers

To assist users who need to print a document, reset their password, or accomplish other quick tasks, two express computers are available. You may use these computers for up to 15 minutes.

ADA Stations

Two computers loaded with assistive software (Kurzweil, etc.) are reserved at all times for students with disabilities. Training for these programs and the password needed to sign in to the computers are available from DSPS.

Wi-Fi Network

The LRCCD network provides Internet access to students using their own devices. Please see SCC Information Technology’s Wireless page for details on connecting.


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