Math Lab Information

The Sacramento City College Math Lab is a tutoring center for SCC students who want to learn about math and related subjects.  In the lab, students learn how to explore, discuss and solve problems.

The Math Lab is open to all students who are enrolled in at least 1 unit at SCC and have math-related questions, but it’s main purpose is to assist students who are enrolled in math and related courses at SCC.  The lab offers a comfortable informal setting with textbooks, solutions manuals, lecture series and computers to view lectures and access popular math and related websites and software.  Student Clerks are present to welcome students to the lab, assist with the enrollment process and check-out of lab library resources.  Student Tutors circulate throughout the lab assisting students with their math-related studies.  The Coordinator and Instructional Assistants also assist students as needed.  At this time, 1-1 tutoring by appointment is not available.


During Fall and Spring semesters, the Math Lab is open starting the first week of classes through the last day of finals.  During summer, the Math Lab is open the first eight weeks. The lab is closed when classes are not in session, including all college holidays.


Math-related courses include all SCC math, business math, chemistry, physics, statistics, electronic technology, mechanical-electrical technology, and nursing classes, particularly those addressing the topic of drug dosage.  Current SCC students who are independently studying math-related topics may also take advantage of the services provided in the Math Lab.


Students must enroll in the current Math Lab section of HSER-1000 to access its services.  Enrollment is free and does not appear on SCC transcripts. See the Math Lab front page for the current enrollment course code.