Annual Reception Information

Los Rios MESA Transfer Awards Reception:

Friday May 9th at Sacramento City College City Cafe from 5:45pm to 9pm.

Important Information for Transfer Students:

Are you transferring next Fall (2014) or Spring (2015)? If so, please read the following information:

We need you to fill out the attached bio form and provide a picture, or let us take one of you. You can complete the form in 15 minutes or less. Just open it and do it now – it is very easy.

We need our records accurate, but we also want to acknowledge and celebrate your achievement. The MESA Awards Reception will take place on Friday, May 9 at the Sacramento City College City Cafe. A booklet that includes names and information about all of the transfer students is a very important part of the reception. In order to include you in that booklet, we need you to provide the information on the attached form, and return it by Friday, April 24th at the very latest. If we do not have your information by that time, you will not be in the book, and that would be very sad.

The best way to do this is to open the attached file, fill in the blanks, write the short narrative (examples are provided) and then email your saved file to Jouell or Kelly at

Ask Mr. Johnson if you have any questions or would like your narrative to be reviewed.

You can download the transfer student biography form here: Trans Stu_Biography Form Spring 2014

We also need your photo release form: PHOTO RELEASE individual