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Incoming Students Get the Panther Treatment

Nearly 250 incoming Freshmen took part in the 4th annual Freshman Welcome event on Tuesday at Sacramento City College. After a rousing introduction to the college by Vice President Michael Poindexter and Student Body President Marianna Souza, the students were treated to several seminars on what it takes to be a successful student here at SCC.
Another 250 students are expected to attend Day 2 on Wednesday.
Welcome Freshmen!

SLD summer

“Success”-ful Students Treated to Lunch on the Quad

About 200 students enrolled in the SCC Student Summer Success Academy were provided hot dogs and music on the quad Tuesday as a reward for taking part in the summer-long series of classes that is aimed at helping prepare students for the rigors of college-level work.

Keep at it, students! We really believe this program will help make the transition much smoother for the fall semester.

Remember, classes begin on August 22.


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University of California Introduces New Transfer Pathway

Sac City’s Davis Center served as host to a news conference and kick off event highlighting a new, streamilined transfer pathways project between the University of California and the statewide Community College system.

UC President Janet Napolitano and California Community College Chancellor Brice Harris made the joint announcement at the Davis Center – the only community college center located on a UC campus – that a new roadmap for community college students now exists at all nine (9) of the UC campuses throughout the state.

The 10 most popular majors throughout the UC system will begin the program. Students can now take a single set of courses that will be recognized at each of the universities. Those majors include anthropology, biochemistry, biology, cell biology, chemistry, economics, mathematics, molecular biology, physics and sociology. Napolitano said an additional 11 majors will be added to the list in 2016. At that point, 2/3 of all UC enrolees will fall under the new guidelines.

The idea is to take the guesswork out for students who wish to attend any of the UC campuses.

This new pathway will provide student a “transparent roadmap for transfer to UC, as well as for timely completion of their bachelor’s degree in their major of choice,” Harris said.

Fore more information, visit

romeo and juliet

Iconic Shakespeare Festival Flips Gender Roles in 30th Production Year

The Sacramento Shakespeare Festival is shaking things up in its 30th year as an iconic local production by flipping gender roles in the classic plays, “Romeo and Juliet” and “As You Like It.”

“Romeo and Juliet” will star an all-male cast, while “As You Like It” turns the concept on its head, adapting to modern times by tapping women to play all roles.

Recent headlines have provoked much discussion on the topic of gender identity, but Christine Nicholson, director of “Romeo and Juliet,” points out that the practice of casting men for female roles in Shakespeare’s plays dates back to the Elizabethan era (the practice, in general, has been around even longer and can be traced to Ancient Greece). She said the decision to cast the productions this way came from a desire to honor tradition, while also striving for equitable opportunities for the actors.

“We have wanted to approach a production in the original manner of Shakespeare for some time,” Nicholson said. “We also are consistently trying to achieve gender equity in our productions. Shakespeare’s plays that have 20 or more characters have roles for only three or four women at most because he wrote for all-male productions. Although we always try to cross-gender where possible, this year we felt that if we did an all-male production, an all-female production alongside it would be both equitable and artistically challenging and exciting.”

It’s an experience, actress Nina Damer, who plays Orlando in “As You Like It,” could not pass up.

“It seems such a waste that I should only be able to play the roles that are designated appropriate for my sex. I am more than my looks. I am more than my voice. I am more than my name,” she said. “There are no emotions or behaviors in the realm of the human experience that are reserved exclusively for men, so why should more than half of the experiences in Shakespeare’s repertoire be reserved for them?”

Julian Ortega, an English major at SCC, will portray Lady Capulet In “Romeo and Juliet.”

“This may help people understand that gender does not have to be so defined, he said. “We’re bringing attention to the fact that even though the character may be male or female, it can be played by someone else, as well or better.”

Nicholson and “As You Like It” director Lori Ann DeLappe-Grondin waited until they saw auditions before deciding which gender to assign to each play.

Actress Shelby Saumier, who plays Audrey in “As You Like It,” said it was a revelation to be able to audition for any role she wanted.

“For the first time in my life, my gender did not confine me in my art and I felt empowered and free as an artist,” Saumier said.

Zac Scovel, who plays Juliet this summer, said this experience has broadened his experience as an actor.

“It was always part of my process to put myself in the shoes of the character, but this one has been a challenge,” he said, “because I’ve never had the experience of being a 13-year old girl.”

Adding to the challenge is the desire of Scovel and the rest of the actors to play opposite gender roles in a respectful and realistic manner. “If we do our jobs right, they will see women on stage,” he said.

DeLappe-Grondin said she is thrilled to work with a stellar cast of hardworking, intelligent, funny and creative actresses, who often do not get many chances to shine in classical theatre due to the lack of female roles.

“This is their chance, and they are shining gloriously,” DeLappe-Grondin said. “We are working against caricature and for authenticity in all roles, not just the male roles. I’m inspired by the work they do and the spirit in which they do it. I think this will be a summer to remember, and hopefully not the last one of this nature.”

“Romeo and Juliet” runs July 3 through Aug. 1. The cast includes Sean Olivares as Romeo, Scovel as Juliet, Bill Gilbert as the Nurse, Tom Block as Tybalt, Ryan Canfield as Mercutio, Vernon Lewis as Frair Lawrence, Roderick Hickman as Benvolio, Sean O’Brien as Lord Capulet, Julian Ortega as Lady Capulet, Andrew Zelny as Paris, and Anthony Person as the Prince.

“As You Like It” runs July 10 through Aug. 2. The cast includes Dramer as Orlando, Tiffanie Mack as Rosalind, Denise Ivy as Duke Frederick, Natalie Jones as Touchstone, Christi Van Eyken as Celia, Emily Labowitch as Phebe, Shelby Saumier as Audrey, Theresa Vann-Stribling as Duke Senior, and Kathleen Poe as Jaques.

For dates, times and ticket information, visit Performances are in the William A. Carroll Amphitheatre in William Land Park. Arrive early for best seats. Some concessions will be available, and picnics are welcome.

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Freshmen Welcome Aug. 4-5

Are you a new student?  If so, join us at the Freshmen Welcome to learn how to succeed in college!

You will have the opportunity to participate in exciting workshops, to meet new friends, and to connect to the campus community.

The Freshmen Welcome is on Aug. 4 and Aug. 5 from 9 a.m. to noon. Registration tables are open at 8:30 a.m.

Complete the online registration form online at

Summer Success Academy

Summer Success Academy Begins Next Week

New students are encouraged to participate in SCC’s Summer Success Academy, which will be in motion between June 22nd and July 23rd (5 weeks).

The program will include a Math and English bootcamp, a leadership component, transfer informed trips to UOP, CSUS, and UC Berkeley, collaboration with Transfer Center to participate in mini-transfer fair, and a Sampler series – where faculty from multiple disciplines will come into each classroom to inform students about different majors and its relationship to careers.
In addition, the SCC Career Center will provide workshops on using campus resources to explore majors, careers, and job support. Lastly, student ambassadors will serve as mentors throughout the summer.

The Summer Success Academy is a joint effort between many departments, and involves the collaboration of EOPS, Transfer Center, Career Center, Admissions, Financial Aid, Assessment, Student Leadership Department, Cultural Awareness Center, Library, Math and English departments, Facilities, Health Center, Student Ambassadors, Counseling, Allied Health, High School Counselors, Transfer reps at UOP, UCB, and CSUS, and various faculty.

We hope to see you here on Monday the 22nd!

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Video Highlights ‘Kinders Go To College’ Event

The Sacramento Educational Cable Consortium has produced a video about the “Kinders Go To College” event at Sacramento City College’s West Sacramento Center.

The program drew 90 kindergarten students from Riverbank Elementary School in West Sacramento, as well as junior high and high school students from area schools, to the West Sacramento Center on May 22 to get a glimpse of college life.

The students were treated to a number of special college “classes” (15 minute workshops) in fields such as dental assisting and hygiene, nursing, art, personal finance, and robotics.

“We need to increase the college-going rate in West Sacramento and Yolo County,” said Art Pimentel, Dean of SCC’s West Sacramento Center. “The earlier we start the process of getting students to know about college, the better we do at getting them here when the time is right.”

Sacramento City College partnered with the Yolo County Office of Education on this unique program.

In addition to the classes, students received a special T-shirt honoring them as the high school Class of 2027, a backpack and other goodies from SCC and the Yolo County education office.

Jerrod Bravo

Former Panther has Monster Year

Former Sacramento City College student-athlete Jerrod Bravo was selected to the first team All-Big West baseball team last week after a strong season for Cal State Fullerton.

Bravo hit .333 for the Titans this season, which was good enough for second on the team. He played in 40 games in 2015 and posted a .456 on-base percentage and 120 at bats. He pounded out 40 hits during his junior season, finishing with nine doubles, 22 runs scored, and is currently riding a 38-game streak of reaching base safely.

In congratulating Jerrod, SCC Coach Derek Sullivan noted it was “a huge accomplishment for him and a great thing for our baseball program.”

Fullerton won its 20th Big West championship and earned its 24th trip to the NCAA Division I baseball tournament after completing a 34-22 campaign, including a 19-5 record in conference play.