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Student swimming laps

We have opportunities here at Sacramento City College for you to continue your athletic career! We offer Women’s Water Polo in the Fall and Men’s and Women’s Swimming in the Spring.

Our aquatics classes have also been recently improved! We now offer Swimming 2, 3, 4, & 5 as open entry/open exit lab classes. This will allow you to take your favorite swim class at the time that works best for you!

For more information on Water Polo and Swimming click here.

More details and information on Swim Classes click here.

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Stay cool this summer (hello, air conditioning) while getting ahead in your education by taking a summer school course at Sacramento City College or one of our outreach centers in Davis or West Sacramento!

Second six-week summer classes start June 19 and the last day to enroll is June 29. We have open seats in many of our classes — check the online class schedule to find one that suits you.

Apply online today!

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Are you a new student at SCC?

If so, you are invited to attend Freshmen Welcome 2017.

Wednesday, August 9 or Thursday, August 10 8:30 – 12:30 pm

Check-in begins at 8:30 am in front of the SCC Student Center

Freshmen Welcome is a great opportunity to meet your peers, to learn strategies for college success, and to connect to the campus community. Register & join us for exciting workshops to help you prepare for your first semester at Sacramento City College. There’s also a free barbecue!

Register here for our Freshmen Welcome!

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Recruitment, Orientation, Assessment & your plan for Registration

ROAR provides several options for high school seniors to complete the Steps to Success for enrolling at Sacramento City College. Check out the different options for completing your orientation, assessment, and educational plan for registration (iSEP).


SCC Outreach team provides R.O.A.R. presentations during September-December months.  Please ask your high school counselor if these presentations are available on your campus.

If you have missed the application workshops on your campus, you can still apply online.


Pick one of three options:

  1. In-Person Orientation at Your High School
  2. Online Orientation (take the online orientation)
  3. In-Person Orientation at SCC (schedule an orientation appointment)


Please bring the following on the day of your test:

  • photo I.D.
  • Los Rios student number

Walk-Ins available (Assessment schedule)

Visit the SCC Assessment website for study guides.


Schedule a Regular Counseling Appointment

Questions? Call 916-558-2541 or e-mail

Students requiring additional accommodations please contact the DSP&S @ (916) 558-2087


Photograph of Integration Bee winners

The SCC math department hosted its first Integration Bee on Friday, April 28 from 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm in Lillard Hall 101.  Integration Bee is like a spelling bee but with integrals, an important concept in Calculus.

Thirty-two students came to compete in the qualifying exam, which consists of five integral problems on paper, for twenty minutes.  Then the top sixteen students moved on to the competitive round to compete in groups of at most four students.  They had to do more challenging integral problems in front of the board with the pressure from time and the audience.  The tie breaker between the second and third place winners was a speed round in which the two competitors had to be the first one to do the problem correctly, and it only took half of a second to break that tie.

We proudly present the winners of the 2017 Integration Bee:

First place ($300 and a TI Nspire graphing calculator): Junyi Zhu

Second place ($200 and a TI 84 plus graphing calculator): Meiyi Zheng

Third place ($100): Shikun Huang

Tied for fourth place ($50 each): Nathan Lee and Manish Mishra

The math department is planning to continue to host this competition every spring semester.

In the picture from left to right: Integration Bee Co-chair Tsz Yan Wu, tied for fourth place winner: Nathan Lee, tied for fourth place winner Manish Mishra, third place winner: Shikun Huang, second place winner: Meiyi Zheng, first place winner Junyi Zhu, Math/Statistics/Engineering Dean Dr. Daniel Styer.

Photograph of teacher with student at computer

Residents of the City of West Sacramento who graduated from a High School from the Washington Unified School District within the last six months will be able to attend their first year at any Sacramento City College (SCC) location (Main Campus, West Sacramento Center, or Davis Center) fee-free (up to 12 units per semester) starting with the Fall 2017 semester.

You are eligible for the program if:

  • You are you a current resident of West Sacramento
  • Did you/will you graduate from high school or receive a GED
    from December 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017?
  • Do you plan to enroll at Sacramento City College for fall 2017
    semester full-time (at least 12 units)?

If you meet the above criteria, then visit the West Sacramento College Promise website to apply.

If you have any questions, call (916) 375-5511 or email

Students, faculty and EOPS staff at the EOPS celebration.

Applications for EOPS are now open and will close on June 23rd.

Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) is a student support program for educationally and economically disadvantaged students, funded by the State of California and the Los Rios Community College District.

It is designed to provide opportunities in higher education for students with academic potential who, historically, would not have attended college.

Students interested in signing up for EOPS can check their eligibility here.

Eligible students can download the application here.

Applications can either be delivered to the EOPS office in Rodda North 155 or can be digitally submitted by email to