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Cyber Security

Eight teams of high school students from throughout the state took part in the first California Cyber Security Challenge in SCC’s City Cafe on June 29.
The students represented schools from San Diego, North Hollywood, the Bay Area and Sacramento. Their challenge was to prevent hackers from disrupting computer code through various means.
Thanks to the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) for sponsoring the event and bringing it to Sacramento City College.

LRCCD Scholarships

Six SCC Students were honored on June 22 for receiving the prestigious North State BIA (Building Industry Association) and the Sutter Health scholarships at a special awards luncheon, held at American River College.
Shown in the photo (from left to right) are students Jessica Wilkinson-Hurst, Michael Harden, Thoedore Frye, Diana Tom, and Nicholas Bradford, with SCC Interim President Michael Poindexter. Komeyla Amini Noghondar was unable to attend the event.
Harden, Frye, Bradford, and Noghander each received the BIA scholarship, while Wilkinson-Hurst and Tom were presented with the Sutter Health award.
Congratulations students!

Cyber Challenge

As part of California’s continued leadership in cybersecurity, the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) is supporting the first-ever California Cyber Innovation Challenge (CCIC) at Sacramento City College.
In this demonstration event, eight teams of high school students will complete a series of timed cybersecurity challenges, defend the integrity of computer networks and crack complex codes.

“California students will be on the front lines of defending our state’s cybersecurity,” said GO-Biz director Panorea Avdis. “This challenge showcases California’s commitment to proactively addressing the global cybersecurity skills gap.”

The challenge will take place all day June 29, and the agenda
is as follows:

8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. – Morning competition w/ Cyber Patriot Challenge (Cafeteria)
12:45 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. – Facebook Capture the Flag Cyber Challenge (Cafeteria)
5:45 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. – Awards Ceremony (PAC 106)

Good luck to all participants.

smoke-free at SCC - fresh air - sky and grass

Beginning on August 20, 2016, the first day of the Fall 2016 semester, Sacramento City College will become a smoke-, tobacco- and vape-fee college at all three campuses.

At that time, SCC will join all Los Rios Colleges and most other universities in the area by becoming smoke/tobacco/vape free.  This decision follows, by about two years, the college’s effort to designate smoking areas around campus. It also closely follows surveys about one year ago that indicated going smoke/tobacco/vape free was favored by a majority of students and employees.

In addition, the state legislature recently passed, and Governor Brown signed, a bill, making it illegal to smoke on college campuses throughout the state.

Posters, fliers and banners have been posted around the college reminding all people to prepare for this change in college atmosphere.

State fair

SCC student Carlos Vasquez, won three first place awards, including Best of Class, in Commercial Print Design at the 2016 California State Fair Student Showcase. Carlos led six SCC students who won awards in the competition.

Here is the list of other SCC winners:

  • Loren Roberts, 1st place, electronics
  • Michelle Zamora, 1st place, Creative Arts “X Factor”
  • Andrea Vallejo, 1st place, Commercial Graphics
  • Aaron Louie, 1st place, Commercial Print Design
  • Jeffrey Pittman, 2nd place, electronics
  • Jim Ruff, 2nd place, electronics

Congratulations to all participants and winners!


Wrestling champs

The Sacramento City Council honored the Sac City Wrestling team on June 16 for winning the state championship.
In this video link, Coach Dave Pacheco thanks the council for the recognition and team members stand for a photo with Mayor Kevin Johnson and other council members.
Afterward, Mayor Johnson jokes that he could “take” one of the wrestlers down, and a mini match takes place.
Congratulations once again to the SCC Wrestling Team on their second state title in three years.

Half Staff

Communities across America are standing with Orlando, Florida, today in response to the horrific shooting at a gay nightclub that left at least 50 dead and another 53 severely injured.

Sacramento City College stands with Orlando. As an inclusive institution, SCC has always been proud of its commitment to educating all students, including those in the LGBTQIA community. That commitment is even stronger today.

Michael Poindexter, Interim President

Native American Lunch

A group of Native American students and adviser Molly Springer, the Dean of Student Equity and Student Support, met with Interim President Michael Poindexter on June 9 to discuss issues of mutual interest.

President Poindexter has taken time to meet with students and advisers of various nationalities and cultures during the past several weeks. This gives him an opportunity to hear from students about their experiences here at the college, and look for ways to improve student success from their viewpoints.