Assessment Testing


Prior to admission in the SCC Associate Degree Nursing Program, all students must pass a diagnostic readiness/assessment test (basic math, English, reading, language usage, and science) in addition to meeting the prerequisites and eligibility requirements. The assessment test has been demonstrated to have positive correlation with success in nursing programs.
SCC uses the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS Version 5), developed by Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI). The TEAS is a computer-based, multiple-choice test, requiring  you to be able to point with a mouse and select the answer. No calculators may be used during the testing. Scoring is automatic; you will receive your score within five minutes of completing the exam. The passing standard and parameters for implementation of assessment testing have been developed by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office.

Assessment Testing Registration

Assessment testing is scheduled through Assessment Technologies Incorporated (ATI). Registration details are handled directly by ATI. Students pay for the test and reserve a seat through the ATI website.

Proctored assessment testing will be offered at the Main Campus site for a limited number of days each semester.  A student may use other testing sites that provide TEAS Version 5 testing. If a student does use other testing sites, the student is required to go onto the ATI website , pay a fee  and electronically transfer the TEAS scores to SCC, to verify application test scores.

Preparing for the test

It is highly recommended that students study and prepare for the test. To prepare for the test, study guides are available for purchase. There are several copies on reserve in the SCC Learning Resource Center.

The ATI website has practice tests free of charge: practice test 1 and practice test 2. A student may want to meet with a counselor in the Counseling Department and bring the TEAS tests results to the appointment for additional guidance.


Students with a diagnosed learning disability from a Disability Resource Center Learning Specialist must submit their prescription to the SCC Nursing Program Director prior to the designated deadline for submission. The Program Director can provide time and one half for students who submit a copy of their prescription in advance.  A distraction-free environment cannot be provided, but the Mohr Hall computer is a quiet environment during testing time.


SCC will only accept the FIRST PASSING TEAS 5 scores. An overall score of 62 (average of the four test elements) will be required for applying to the SCC nursing program. This score is required for California Community College Nursing Programs. A student’s TEAS scores will be given a point value as part of a multi-criteria enrollment process. Higher TEAS scores are given greater point values. The pre-screening enrollment criteria worksheet consists of nine criterions that yield a total of 100 points.

If a student does not pass the TEAS test with the minimum score, remediation must occur prior to re-testing after an interval of three months. The first step would be reviewing the TEAS test results and study manual. A student may consider taking a class in the area scored low in, such as BIO 100 or 102, ENGRD 310 or 312, or a basic math class. Another option would be to take the course Prerequisite Skills Assistance (LTAT 92), in the Learning Resource Center and/or going to the tutoring center.