Hybrid (Blended) Courses

Hybrid (On-Campus/Online blended) courses join the best features of in-class teaching with the advantages of online learning.  Coursework is presented through a blend of on-campus and online learning, to promote active independent learning and to provide additional flexibility for students. Hybrid courses allow instructors to use computer-based technologies selectively–to present case studies, tutorials, self-testing exercises, simulations, or other online work in place of some lecture or lab material–while still providing engaging in-person interaction.

Instructors and departments handle hybrid course schedules differently. The portion of the class taught on-campus or online may vary by course. The SCC class schedule lists meeting days and times for the on-campus portion of hybrid courses. Always contact your instructor or department before class starts if you have questions about the class requirements and/or schedule.

Technology requirements for hybrid courses are the same as for the online courses.