What To Expect in an Online Course

Thinking about taking an online, hybrid (on-site/online blended), or video/televised course?  You may find it helpful to review the information and resources on this page.

Online learning can provide flexibility and convenience, but some students struggle in a fully online environment.  If you are considering enrolling in an online class, take a few minutes here to create realistic expectations and understand how you can be more successful in an online class — if one is the right fit for you.

Is an online / distance education course right for you?  

Brush up on how to be a successful online student by viewing the following videos, provided by our partner StudentLingo:  (Note: You will be asked for your name before viewing these videos, as each one provides a certificate of completion at the end.)


Learn about course expectations, and how to get ready for online learning.

The following five-minute video provides an overview of what to expect from an online class at SCC.