Scheduling Campus Facilities

Facilities at Sacramento City College are available for use by faculty and staff for College related internal functions and events. The Facilities office schedules all events, meetings or any campus related function that is not a “credit class”.

Campus Operations Location

    • Operations Building, OPS
    • 3835 Freeport Boulevard
      Sacramento, CA 95822

Internal Campus Events

For an event to qualify as a “internal campus event,” it must meet the following criteria (LRCCD Policy P-1511):

  • Its primary purpose is to support the campus mission.
  • The activity/event must be under control/supervision of a District employee for the duration of the event.
  • Any fees charged for the event are deposited into District/Campus accounts and used to support activities or campus programs.

For activities not meeting all of the criteria, please refer to the Facility Use – Community Events webpage.

Process for Scheduling Facilities

Requests to use facilities for campus events must be on the Scheduling Campus Facilities Form and submitted to Facilities/Operations. If you already submitted a Scheduling Campus Facilities form and need to include a diagram, please submit your set-up information on the Event Layout Form

After requestors complete the Scheduling Campus Facilities Form it will submit to our office. Upon receiving your request and depending on the type of facility requested, we will check availability on our Facilities Use Calendar, as well as class schedules if it is a classroom. If the room is available, we will add it to our Facilities Use Calendar and email a confirmation back to requestor. If the room is not available, we will find another room and notify requestor.

If your event requires a set up, you will be instructed to complete that section on the Scheduling Campus Facilities form. Depending on the set up, you may have to submit an Event Layout Form to specify arrangement of tables, chairs, etc. This form will need to be submitted separate from the Scheduling Campus Facilities form as it must be printed and handwritten then either scanned and emailed to Amy Virdure, hand delivered or sent through intercampus mail.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are campus events categorized?

Use of events are categorized as either College Use or a Rental. District regulations do not allow “co-sponsorships”.

What facilities can I reserve?

We schedule Non-Instructional Facilities: RHN 258, LRC 105, City Café #1, City Café #2, SOG 119, and Instructional-Facilities (classrooms & smart rooms) around credit classes.

Student Center West Hall, Cultural Awareness Center, and the Veterans Resource Center are scheduled through Student Leadership & Development.

Labs and department conference rooms are scheduled through the corresponding Division Offices.

What forms do I need to fill out to reserve spaces?

Non-Instructional & Instructional Facilities complete the Scheduling Campus Facilities FormRequests will not be accepted over the phone and/or without paperwork.

Student Center West Hall, Cultural Awareness Center & Veterans Resource Center complete the Student Leadership & Development Event Request Form and return via email or hand deliver to Student Leadership & Development.

How do I get the media equipment I need?

For audio systems, screen set-up, more elaborate media needs or tutorials for permanently installed equipment, fill out Media Services Event Support Request Form and/or contact Media Services.

What about tables, chairs and other set up needs?

Any tables, chairs, etc. that you require for your event need to be indicated on the Scheduling Campus Facilities Form. Set ups will not be accepted with less than 2 weeks’ notice. If you already submitted a Scheduling Campus Facilities form and need to include a diagram, please submit your set-up information on the Event Layout Form.

How soon will I hear back regarding my request?

We require at least five (5) business days for processing reservations and at least ten (10) business days for requests with custom set ups.

Can I check to see if a room is available before filling out the form?

We receive many requests daily, so in order to prioritize and process reservations effectively we will not check availability of a facility beforehand.