Operational Information

Operational procedures, forms and vehicle use information.

  • Safety and Regulatory Programs

    Safety and Regulatory Programs: Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Chemical Hygiene Program, Equipment Permit Program (Elevators, Boilers, etc), Ergonomics, Fire Extinguisher Program, Fuel Program, Global Harmonization System (Previously MDSD Program), Injury Illness Prevention Program, Indoor Air Quality, OSHA Coordination and Inspections, Safety Inspections and Training Programs,

  • Access

    Information on Alarms, Imron cards, Keys, and Locknetics.

  • Waste Programs

    Waste Programs; Bio-Hazardous, Composting, Hazardous, Recycle, Reduce, Reuse, Universal Waste, and Waste Program Information.

  • Operations Polices, Procedures and Forms

    Operations Polices, Procedures and Forms

  • Transportation Information

    There are many types of transports used on campus. From district vehicles to buses, to carts, to lifts. Operations is the division charged with the care and maintenance of these vehicles as well as confirming all users are appropriately approved for use and/or trained to operate them.