Transportation Information

There are many types of transports used on campus. From district vehicles to buses, to carts, to lifts.  Operations is the division charged with the care and maintenance of these vehicles as well as confirming all users are appropriately approved for use and/or trained to operate them.


Six weeks prior to the completion of a semester Operations will send a “Bus Requirements Schedule” request to each division for the following semester. Division Deans/Directors will submit their “Pre-Planned” travel requirements back to Operations for scheduling.

If a trip is determined to be required after the initial submission it is considered “unplanned” and requires approval from the appropriate VP prior to submission to Operations. Operations will forward the consolidated Division requirements to a contracted bus company for estimated costs.

At least six weeks prior to the actual trip, each coach/instructor must complete a Bus Travel Request Form and submit to their Dean/Supervisor for approval before forwarding to Operations. Operations will send the approved Bus travel Request form to the chartered company and return to the requester a copy of the form with a confirmation number for reference.

For further information please contact Amy Virdure at 916-558-2304.

District Vehicles

Campus vehicles may be used for District related business or activities and utilized only by authorized drivers. To become an Authorized Driver all Los Rios faculty, staff and other drivers must be enrolled in the DMV Pull Notice Program, complete the appropriate vehicle training and submit a DMV Record Release form to Operations. Training must be renewed every three years and a new DMV Record Release form submitted annually. Training and DMV documentation takes approximately 2 to 4 weeks for processing. Students and Volunteers may become authorized drivers by completing the appropriate paperwork/training and must always be accompanied by college faculty/employee during use of the vehicle. Please see District Vehicle Use R-8343 for additional information. To reserve a vehicle, authorized drivers must submit a Travel Form to their Dean for approval and forwarding to Operations. Reservations are on a first come, first served basis.

Must be on a LRCCD Computer to access the following:  DMV Driver Release, Student/Non-employee Record Release.   Accessible to all:  Vehicle Use Pre/Post-Trip Inspection Form,  and Vehicle Reservation Form .


The campus has five lifts: forklift, man lift, boom lift, scissor lift, and a small one person lift.  ALL of these vehicles require district training in order to operate them.  At no time will anyone be allowed to use them until they have completed this training.

These lifts are typically restricted for use by maintenance and custodial staff, and theater groups.

For more information on the use and training of these vehicles, please contact Karen Chewning at 916-558-2453.

Utility Vehicles (Carts)

SCC has three Utility Vehicles (Carts) that can be used by authorized persons.  A two person cart, a six person cart, and a flat-bed cart.  All drivers must have passed the Utility Vehicle training prior to the use of these vehicles.

These carts are loaned out for specific events or uses where/when required.  To reserve these vehicles or for more information, please contact Amy at 916-558-2304 or Karen at 916-558-2453.

Document: Cart Training Instructions, Campus Utility Vehicle Traffic Safety Guidelines,