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Personal Information

  • The following information is very important. Please make sure your spelling is accurate and capitalize as appropriate.The questions below do NOT influence your eligibility for the program. They are for program planning purposes. The only factors that influence your eligibility are those in the "Program Prerequisites" below.
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  • Additional Information

  • Demographics (required by the US Dept. of Education and Accreditation). This is collected as data only, with no names associated.


OTA Program Prerequisites

    Completed or in-progress coursework

  • For each of the following courses, enter the following: a) the name of the college where the course was taken; b) the semester the course was taken; and c) the final grade for the course. For courses that are considered "in-progress" use "IP" for the grade. EXAMPLE: SCC, Spring 2014, A. NOTE: You must submit proof of enrollment for all in-progress coursework. See below for additional information.
  • Eligibility for ENGRD 310


Required Documents

  • ALL DOCUMENTS MUST BE IN PDF FORMAT OR THEY WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. IF YOU NEED HELP, TAKE YOUR DOCUMENTS AND A FLASH DRIVE TO A COMPUTER LAB. For each college you listed above for your prerequisite courses, upload an unofficial transcript. Submit the COMPLETE transcript, not just a single page showing the individual course. All colleges listed above must have a transcript for the application to be considered complete, INCLUDING those in the Los Rios District (SCC, ARC, CRC, and FLC). Application reviewers do not have access to your Los Rios transcripts. If your course(s) are in-progress during the fall semester, you MUST provide proof of enrollment, such as a copy of your schedule. Without this, your application will be considered incomplete. In this section you will also upload the transcript or assessment results to show your proof of eligibility for ENGRD 310. DO NOT SUBMIT any official transcripts to the OTA Program OR to the college unless instructed to do at a later date.
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The annual application period  will be open from Aug. 17 until Sept. 20, 2016.  This is for the class entering Spring 2017.