Application Process

The Occupational Therapy Assistant program accepts applications one time a year, in late summer/early fall.  These applications are processed during the fall semester.  Those students who have been selected will begin the program during the spring semester.

Dates.  The application period for the cohort entering Spring 2015 is as follows:

  • Applications open on Aug. 19, 2015
  • Applications close on Sept. 27, 2015

Process.  All applications are submitted online.  The application itself is very short.  Applicants are required to submit unofficial transcripts, including those from all Los Rios colleges.  These need to be in PDF format.  Students should read the instruction sheet carefully.

All applications are entered into a random selection drawing.  Those students who submitted a complete application in sequential years prior have their name entered to equal the number of years they have applied.

Once the randomizing process is complete, the first 30 applications are reviewed in-depth.  Those applications that are incomplete, have an insufficient GPA, or otherwise does not meet the stated criteria are disqualified.  The process continues until the cohort is filled with qualified applicants.  These students are notified, requesting additional materials, such as official transcripts.  The remaining students are notified that they were not selected for review.  All correspondence is done via e-mail.

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