Program Prerequisites

Sacramento City College
Occupational Therapy Assistant Program
Program Requirements

Prerequisite requirements for program application:

1.  Eligibility for ENGRD 310 by ONE of the following methods:

a.  Completion of ENGRD 310 with a “C” or better
b.  Completion of ENGRD 110 with a “C” or better
c.  Completion of ESLR 340 with a “C” or better
d.  Eligibility for ENGRD 310 as shown on the results of placement through the assessment process
e.  Completion of an associate degree or higher

2. Completion of the following courses resulting in a GPA of 2.5 or higher in these courses:

a.  Equivalent courses may be taken at other colleges; see a counselor for additional information
b.  OTA 100 is taught only at SCC, each semester, Saturdays only
c.  Courses taken as Pass/No Pass are counted as a grade of “C” when calculating the overall GPA

Course NumberCourse NameUnitsComments
OTA 100Introduction to Occupational Therapy1 LECTaught at SCC only
AH 110Medical Language for Health Care Providers3 LECAdult school courses do not qualify


BIOL 100Introduction to Concepts of Human Anatomy and Physiology3 LECWithin the last 10 years
BIOL 430/431Anatomy and Physiology10 LEC/LABWithin the last 10 years


PSYC 370Human Development: A Life Span3 LECMust be from conception to death
FCS 324Human Development: A Life Span3 LECMust be from conception to death


CRITICAL FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND as part of your educational planning:

The OTA Program at SCC holds students to high academic standards.  Each semester, students take 7-9 units.  In addition to the core program requirements, general education courses for the associate degree AND general education courses are required for completion.  If you will have to work to any degree while in the program, you are STRONGLY encouraged to complete as much of your general education as possible BEFORE applying.  Historically, students who do not do this have an extremely difficult time completing the program.  In addition, you will not be allowed to register for your final clinical semester until you have met all program graduation requirements.


General Education Requirements for the OTA Program:

1.  These courses are required of all students regardless of prior degrees held.

Course NumberCourse NameUnitsComments
ENGRW 300College Composition3 LECMust be completed to be eligible to advance to 2nd semester of program
PSYC 300General Principles3 LECCompleted within the last 10 yearsMust be completed to be eligible to advance to 2nd semester of program
LIBR 307Medical Information Resources0.5 LECMust be completed to be eligible to advance to 2nd semester of program
ORNUTRI 300Nutrition3 LEC
FCS 340Nutrition3 LEC
HEED 300Health Science3 LEC
ORSOC 300Introductory Sociology3 LEC
ANTH 310Cultural Anthropology3 LEC
AH 301Health Care in a Multicultural Society3 LEC

Required Allied Health Course for the OTA Program:

Course NumberCourse NameUnitsComments
AH 106Communication for Allied Health Careers2 LECMust be completed to be eligible to advance to 2nd semester of program.


Educational Planning:

 1.  This area is for general planning.  You MUST meet with a counselor to review your individual circumstances.

2.  This is based on the SCC 2015-2016 Catalog

Graduation RequirementMinimum Units RequiredOTA Program Requirements That Would Meet the Requirement (with units)
Area I:             Humanities3 Units Min.None; SILA or SPAN recommended
Area II:            Languages and Rationality3 Units Minimum
                        II(a): English Composition3 UnitsENGWR 300 (3)
                        II(b): Communication/Analytical Thinking3 UnitsNone; COMM or STAT recommended
Area III:           Living Skills3 Units Minimum
                        III(a): Physical Education1 UnitNone
                        III(b): Life Development Skills2 UnitsFCS 340 (3), HEED 300 (3), NUTRI 300 (3), AH 301 (3)
Area IV:           Natural Sciences3 Units Min.BIOL 100 (3), BIOL 430/431 (10)
Area V:            Social and Behavioral Sciences6 Units Minimum
                        V(a): US Institutions3 UnitsNone
                        V(b): Other3 UnitsANTH 310 (3), FCS 324 (3), PSYC 300 (3), PSYC 370 (3), SOC 300 (3)
Area VI:           Ethnic/Multicultural0-3 Units Min.AH 301 (3), ANTH 310 (3)
Reading CompetencySee Counselor
Writing CompetencySee Counselor
Math CompetencySee Counselor
OTA Program RequirementsSee Counselor and/or Attend OTA Program Information Meeting