Information Meetings

All prospective students are strongly encouraged to attend a program information meeting.  This will give you the opportunity to learn many details about the program and ask questions specific to your situation.

When.  The following are the dates for the upcoming 2015-2016 information meetings.  The main meeting lasts about one and a half hours.  You do not need to pre-register.  Please make all attempts to be on time because the meeting goes quickly and covers a lot of information.

Nov. 23, 20154:00 pm
Dec. 11, 20152:00 pm
Jan. 28, 20163:30 pm
Feb. 23, 20164:30 pm
Mar. 17, 20163:30 pm
Apr. 15, 20161:00 pm
May 18, 20161:00 pm
June 2016No Meeting
July 2016No Meeting

Where.  Meetings are held on the Sacramento City College main campus, in Mohr Hall.  The specific meeting room number will be posted on the door as you enter the building.  Please note that Mohr Hall is on the opposite side of campus from student parking, so please add extra time to find your way.  Here is the campus map.

What happens.  Meetings provide prospective students with information on program prerequisites, the enrollment process, the schedule of required academic and clinical coursework, the licensing process, and employment outlook for OTAs. Be sure to bring transcripts with you.  A counselor will be present to review transcripts for program-related coursework.  For a full general education review education planning, an appointment in general counseling is required.  The Program Coordinator will be available after the general meeting to address individual questions.

For educational planning sessions with a counselor, you will need to make an appointment.   For information about scheduling appointments, hours, etc., refer to the Sacramento City College counseling webpage.

OTA 100 – Introduction to Occupational Therapy.  This course is an introduction to the practice and profession of occupational therapy.  It is not a substitute for a program information meeting.  Logistics for entering the program and related requirements are not addressed as part of this class.