The Photography Department stated mission is to support both Economic and Workforce Development by offering a wide range of training in the latest technology used in professional photography and multimedia career fields. Our program aligns with industry standards along with partnering with industry leaders to develop curriculum that blends solid theoretical and applied training with both the latest camera capture techniques and associated image processing software. Departmental standards and program faculty serve as a professional resource by providing educational opportunities through degree and certification; leading to employment, career advancement, and transfer to higher education.

Programs of Study

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    Commercial and Magazine Photography

    The Commercial and Magazine Photography certificate prepares students for careers in a wide range of commercial photography applications including editorial (magazine), product, food,… MORE >>

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    Photography program

    The Photography program provides students the opportunity to prepare for entry level positions as press photographers, photojournalists, portrait photographers, freelance photographers, editorial photographers,… MORE >>

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    Portrait and Wedding Photography

    The Portrait and Wedding Certificate will provide photographic skills, visual aesthetics, and small business foundations to establish a portraiture photography studio or work… MORE >>

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    Photography, Visual Journalism

    The Visual Journalism certificate provides students the opportunity to fully prepare themselves for entry-level positions as multimedia photographers in the journalism field. Students… MORE >>