Meet the Faculty

Political Science Full-Time Professors

  • Paul Frank

    Paul Frank

    Academic Areas of Interest: political participation, civic engagement, and Honors Program

    Current Courses: American Government, International Relations, California State and Local Politics, Honors Courses

    Personal Statement:Paul Frank earned his PhD in Political Science from Boston University, where he served as assistant to former Presidential candidate Michael Dukakis. After returning to California, he worked in the State Assembly and Senate, on several local political campaigns, for a non-profit health care organization as a government relations representative, and part-time faculty at American River and Sierra College. Paul has been teaching American Government, International Relations, and California Politics at Sacramento City College since 1996. In 2004 he ran for a seat on the Roseville City Council, and currently sits on several local boards and commissions. Professor Frank enjoys traveling (most recently to China, Costa Rica, Russia, Egypt, and Peru) and spending time with his family.

    What attracted you to the study of Political Science? The money :)

    When and why did you decide to teach Political Science at a community college? After teaching part-time in 1997 and being energized by the students. Being able to share my experiences with students and direct them towards careers in politics.

    Top three political heroes: Benjamin Franklin, Mohandas Gandhi, Albert Einstein

  • Dagne Tedla

    Dagne Tedla

    Academic Areas of Interest: Economic development and underdevelopment, national and international issues, Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean

    Current Courses: American Government, Comparative Government, and Politics of Latin America

    Personal Statement: Born and raised in Ethiopia, after completing high school I came to the US to pursue post-secondary education. After college I worked for the University of California, Davis as a Student Affairs Officer, then as an Economic Development Specialist for the City of Sacramento while teaching as an adjunct both at Sacramento City College and Californian State University, Sacramento. I also completed a Spanish language certificate in Antiqua, Guatemala, participated in Fulbright-Hays programs in South Africa, Singapore, and Malaysia. For the last ten years I have been traveling to Latin America, Africa, and the Caribbean for educational and personal interests.

    What attracted you to the study of Political Science?We are all part of politics whether we are aware of it or not. As a profession, what is better than practicing or doing what you love and share? What we do everyday has a political implication. I made the choice of studying PoliSci way back in high school. I did want to study art though!

    When and Why did you decide to teach Political Science at a community college? I’ve been at SCC since 1992 where there was an opportunity. Also, it IS a COMMUNITY college! We all belong to a community!

    Top three historical heroes: Nelson Mandela, and El Che

  • Alex H. Xiao

    Alex H. Xiao

    Academic Areas of Interest: US Presidency, Civil Rights Movement, Political Ideologies, and East Asian Politics

    Current Courses: American Government, Political Theory, Political Ideology

    Personal statement: Alex was born and grew up in Beijing, China. Before coming to the United States, he earned a BA in English from Beijing 2nd Foreign Language Institute’s Branch School. He also worked as a tour guide at the China International Travel Service for three years, which provided opportunities for him to travel at a time when China was just beginning to open up to the outside world.

    In 1986, Alex attended Claremont Graduate University for his master’s degree in International Studies. While pursuing his degree, he taught as the Chinese Resident at the Oldenborg Center, Pomona College. Afterwards, Alex worked in industry for a few years before earning his PhD in political science from the University of Southern California in 2000.

    Before arriving at Sac City, Alex was an adjunct instructor at Chaffey College from 1996 to 2004. During 2001/02, he took leave from Chaffey to teach as a visiting assistant professor at Washington College in Maryland; in 2001 and from 2003 to 2004, Alex also taught at East Los Angles College. Alex has traveled extensively both in the United States and in China.

    Alex enjoys books, movies, ice-skating, bike-riding, and, of course, playing ping-pong.

    What attracted you to the study of Political Science? Social movements (particularly the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution) of the 1970s in China, and Nixon’s Open Door Policy to China in the same period.

    When and why did you decide to teach Political Science at a community college? In 1996; I needed financial support while in graduate school.

    Top three political heroes: John Adams, Martin Luther King, Jr., Franklin D. Roosevelt