Senior Leadership 2014-15


Jun 8, 2015       AGENDA      MINUTES

                                LRCCD 2015 Marketing Campaign

May 11, 2015   AGENDA      MINUTES

                                 Maintenance Conn

                                 SLT Goals Ranking

Apr 13, 2015    AGENDA      MINUTES

                                 Administrators’ Code of Ethics

                                 Cal Osha Reporting Document

                                 Notes related to the CCCCO Required Institutional Effectiveness Goals

                                 SLT Goal edits

Mar 9, 2015     AGENDA      MINUTES

                                 Mini Grant Proposal

                                 SLT Goal Setting Notes

                                 SLT Goals Exercise

                                 Travel Authorization Flow 2015

                                 Travel Memorandum

                                 Travel Procedure Brief                  

Feb 9, 2015     AGENDA      MINUTES

                                 2014-15 Mid-Year Budget Update

Jan 12, 2015    AGENDA     MINUTES

                                 CTE College set standards information Sept 2014

                                 Mission of the Senior Leadership Team

                                 SLT Goals Exercise 12-08-14

Dec 8, 2014     AGENDA     MINUTES

                                  Academic Calendar Record of Decisions 10-30-14

                                  CTE College set standards information Sept 2014

                                  DRAFT 2016-17 Academic Calendar

                                  PDM Task Force Report

Nov 10, 2014  CANCELLED

Oct 13, 2014   AGENDA     MINUTES

                                  10-13-14 Supervisor’s Agenda

                                  SCC Draft Student Equity Plan 101214

                                  SCC Draft Student Equity Plan Summary Sheets 101214

                                  Threat Assessment Attachment

Sep 8, 2014    AGENDA     MINUTES

                                 2014 SLT Planning Discussion

                                 Strategic Plan Process- Communication

Aug 2014        RETREAT    AGENDA

Jul 14, 2014   AGENDA     MINUTES