McClellan Park (2012)

Substantive Change Proposal

Sacramento City College has been offering courses and programs in Aeronautics since the 1930’s. Currently students in SCC’s Aeronautics programs can earn Associate Degrees and/or Certificates in Airframe, Powerplant, Combined Airframe and Powerplant, Flight Technology, Nondestructive Testing, Aircraft Dispatcher, and Air Traffic Control. Courses from SCC’s Aeronautics programs had been offered for many years off campus at Sacramento Executive Airport. Recently these courses moved to facilities at McClellan Park (the former McClellan Air Force Base). Recently, additional Aeronautics courses also moved to that location, so that it is now possible to complete more than 50% of the courses in the Aeronautics programs at the McClellan Park site. The relocation resulted in improved facilities with a larger hanger, expanded classroom space, and more opportunity for partnerships with industry. The move of the Aeronautics programs to the new McClellan Park location prompted a Substantive Change Report to ACCJC.

Below you will find the proposal that was submitted to ACCJC in April of 2012 and the attachments that are included in the proposal.

If you have any questions, please contact the Dean of the Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness Office, Dr. Marybeth Buechner.

McClellan Park Substantive Change Proposal