Campus Issues & Responses

Participatory Decision Making

The campus issues process is used for major issues that have broad, college-wide implications. A campus-wide issue or concern can be identified by an individual, a department, a constituent group, or a committee. The Campus Issue Form is submitted to the Dean of Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness (PRIE) for distribution to the appropriate standing committee or council. The Dean of PRIE is the process coordinator and serves as a member of the SCC Executive Council.

For more details, view/print the Campus Issue Process document. Additional questions can be addressed to the Dean of PRIE, Dr. Marybeth Buechner.


Currently Open Campus Issues

These issues are currently active and being addressed in Executive Council.  Click on the campus issue numbers to view the issues.





 No open issues at this time.


Closed Campus Issues

The issues below are listed by the fiscal year in which they were raised.  The President’s Response date is normally the issue closing date.   The links are for viewing the issues and President’s responses.

Academic  YearIssue NumberTitlePresident’s Response
2015-1615-16-03Student Safety at Night in Transit to Parking Structure05/03/2016
15-16-02Renaming the Business Building01/15/2016
2014-1514-15-02Art Installation of “The Four Directions”12/18/2015
14-15-01FTE Requests05/11/2015
13-14-08Planting of a Memorial Tree05/11/2015
13-14-07Committee Name Change05/12/2014
13-14-05Business Division name does not reflect the discipline of Computer Information Science 05/12/2014
13-14-06Gender Neutral Bathrooms on Campus02/27/2014
13-14-04Revision to the charge of the Student Equity Committee01/26/2015
13-14-03Electric/Plug-In Charging Stations 05/12/2014
13-14-02Staff Development Activity Integration02/12/2015
13-14-01Smoking near Performing Arts Center, Technology and Cosmetology buildings 11/18/2013
2012-1312-13-03College Website Management and Governance11/18/2013
12-13-02Development of SLO Assessment Standing Committee (Withdrawn from consideration by authors) N/A
 12-13-01Safety of Campus Hallways 05/01/2013
2011-1211-12-06Committee Charge Change (Learning Resources Center)10/30/2012
11-12-05Formation of SCC Sustainability Committee02/28/2013
11-12-04Committee Name Change (Recognition Events Committee)06/14/2012
11-12-03Smoking on Campus (Campus Safety Committee)05/01/2013
11-12-02Making the Student Equity Committee Monthly Meeting longer by 30 Minutes06/14/2012
11-12-01Possible Consolidation of Standing Committees06/14/2012
2010-1110-11-03SCC Panther Professional Clothing Closet 03/28/2012
10-11-02Establishing a Food Pantry for SCC Students 09/20/2011
10-11-01Correction/Clarification of Curriculum Committee Charge 09/20/2011
 2009-1009-10-06Tutoring & IT Department Name Change10/13/2010
 09-10-05PE Division Name Change01/18/2011
 09-10-04Unisex Bathroom for Handicap Clients, Students & Faculty05/17/2010
 09-10-03Smoking on Campus II05/10/2010
 09-10-02ASG President Recall Election Votes04/06/2010
 09-10-01Parking Space for the College President05/11/2015 
 2008-09 08-09-05Name Change for MAC Lab04/06/2010
 08-09-04SCC Logo and Slogan09/24/2009
 08-09-03Add Name – Office of College Advancement09/24/2009
 08-09-02Changing the Name of the Art Department to Art and Art History Department09/24/2009
 08-09-01Policy Change in Student Discipline Process – Append. 109/24/2009
 2007-08 07-08-09Plug in Outlet for Electric Vehicles10/09/2009
 07-08-08College Values Statement05/07/2008
 07-08-07Changing Standing Committee Charges and Meeting Times – Append. 1; Append. 2Append. 305/10/2010
 07-08-06 Safety Protocols for Fire-Response Time of Campus Police05/17/2010
 07-08-05 Discontinuing Shuttle Service03/27/2008
 07-08-04Revise College Mission Statement03/06/2008
 07-08-03Baby Changing Tables in LRC Restrooms, Both Male & Female01/15/2008
 07-08-02Unsafe Pedestrian Traffic on Panther Parkway11/09/2007
 07-08-01Install Gates at Parking Entrance10/04/2007
 2006-07 06-07-10Fulfillment of Shared Governance Obligation through Homecoming Committee Membership & Club Advisement10/04/2007
 06-07-09Change Standing Committee Name05/10/2010
 06-07-08Name the Road05/16/2007
 06-07-07Panther Statue05/02/2007
 06-07-06Violence Against Women on Campus04/18/2007
 06-07-05Change of Committee Charge12/01/2006
 06-07-04Cultural Democracy Steering Committee and Structure03/06/2008
 06-07-03Port-a-Potties by Construction Site09/20/2006
 06-07-02Working Microwaves for Students in Cafeteria10/06/2006
 06-07-01Smoking on Campus 11/25/2008
 2005-06 05-06-14Relocation of the RISE Office 09/15/2006
  05-06-13Construction Process and Policies 05/18/2006
 05-06-12(Campus Issue was Retracted) —
 05-06-11Waste/Recycling Receptacles 04/13/2006
 05-06-10Certificate Holders Participation in Commencement Ceremony 04/07/2006
 05-06-09Acquiring Books for Reserve Desk in LRC 03/27/2006
 05-06-08Seating Outside 05/18/2006
 05-06-07College Goals 03/21/2006
 05-06-06Final Exam Schedule Recommendation from Academic Senate 02/03/2006
 05-06-05Wearing of Sashes by Students in Commencement Ceremony 03/15/2006
 05-06-04Policy on Use of 09/06/2006
 05-06-03Crosswalks on Major Pedestrian Passages on Campus Parking Lot 05/18/2006
 05-06-02Students Utilizing the Portion of City Café Designated for Staff and Faculty Use Only 09/09/2005
 05-06-01Students Sitting/Lying on the Floors of the Hallways on the 1stFloor of the LRC10/07/2005
 2004-05 04-05-08Relocate eServices to a larger area09/15/2006
  04-05-07Bicycling Issues and the Master Plan04/06/2005
 04-05-06Lighting on Campus After Dark02/17/2005
 04-05-05Public Listing of Non-Standing Committees & Sub-Committees02/17/2005
 04-05-04Change Committee Charge for the Safety Committee12/15/2004
04-05-03Unhealthy Trees Along East Road02/17/2005
04-05-02Membership of Professional Standards Committee02/17/2005
04-05-01Exit Process Policy12/15/2004