Budget Committee Charge

Utilizing the results of the college planning process and established criteria, the Budget Committee evaluates requests for budget allocations; establishes procedures and calendars used in the college budget process and recommends allocations of the moneys available from the college unrestricted COLA/growth and one-time-only (OTO) funds. The Budget Committee operates with the college policy of maintaining historical operating base budgets. Note: The amount of unrestricted COLA/growth and OTO funds available for the budget committee process is determined annually by the President in consultation with the VPA and reviewed by President’s Cabinet. Unrestricted COLA/growth and OTO funds are drawn from multiple sources including but not limited to: College Discretionary Fund (CDF), Instructionally-Related (IR), Partnership for Excellence (PFE), Vocational and Technical Education Act (VTEA), State Instructional Equipment Funds (SIEF), Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSP&S), etc. Changes in the initial calculation of unrestricted COLA/growth and OTO funds are brought to the committee for appropriate adjustments.

Budget Committee Meeting Schedule:
1st and 3rd Friday of each month from 9:00 to 11:00

Meeting Location:
Business 225

Current Agendas & Minutes

2014-15 Budget Committee Membership:
Committee Chairs:
Manager:  Deb Luff, Student Services
Classified:  Taunya Wattier, Administrative Services
Faculty: Chris Seddon, Advanced Technology

Administrative Members:
Mitch Campbell, Kinesiology, Health and Athletics
Randy Clem, College Store
Christine Hernandez, Financial Aid and Student Services
Laduan Smedley, Administrative Services

Classified Members:
Delissa Garza, Financial Aid & Student Services – EOP&S
Robert Heidt, Business Services
Carmen Hirkala, Science & Allied Health
Peter Lam, IT/Computer Svcs
Ashu Mishra, Outreach-West Sacramento Center
Trang Tran, Business Office

Faculty Members:
Paul Carmazzi, Kinesiology, Health and Athletics
Dena Chubbic, Science and Allied Health
Paul Estabrook, Advanced Technology
Rob Gore, Humanities and Fine Arts
Mark Hunter, Math, Statistics and Engineering
Debora Loomis, Language and Literature
John Polagruto, Behavioral and Social Science
Pam Posz, Learning Resources
Irma Rodriguez, Financial Aid and Student Services (EOP&S)
Robin Roffey, Science and Allied Health
Kurt Shiflet, Humanities and Fine Arts
Elizabeth Stevenson, Learning Resources
Derek Sullivan, Kinesiology, Health and Athletics
Shawn Weinsheink, Humanities and Fine Arts
Angelo Williams, Behavioral and Social Sciences
Gayle Williams, Business
Bruce Zenner, Science and Allied Health

Student Members:
Kenneth Johnson