Campus Development

Campus Development Committee Charge

Reviews short- and long-range plans for general campus development and modifications, as well as for specific facilities. Reviews requests for Facility Resources including space utilization, equipment, communications, and other related topics. Makes prioritized recommendations on the above Facility Resource requests to the Budget Committee for integration with budget and IT requests developed through the unit planning process.

Campus Development Committee Meeting Schedule:
3rd Friday of each month from 11:00 to 12:00

Meeting Location: TBA

Current Agendas & Minutes

2014-15 Campus Development Committee Membership:
Committee Chairs:
Manager: Frank Malaret, Behavioral and Social Sciences
Classified: Karen Chewning, Administrative Services
Faculty: David Hagerty, Counseling and Student Success

Administrative Members:
Greg Hayman, Administrative Services
Mary Leland, Office of College Advancement

Classified Members:
Varnell Crankfield, Science and Allied Health
Anita Sanders, Financial Aid and Student Services – DSPS
Tyler Wyckoff, Staff Resource Center

Faculty Members:
Doug Copely, Science and Allied Health
Ken Fitzpatrick, Advanced Technology
Beth Forrester, Humanities and Fine Arts
Lara Gary, Language and Literature
Lynne Giovannetti, Behavioral and Social Sciences
Alex May, Math, Statistics and Engineering
JoAnna Prado, Language and Literature
Mary Ann Robinson, Learning Resources
Lauri Smedley, Business

Student Members:
Lincoln Scott
Michael Harris