Educational & Information Technology

Educational and Information Technology Committee Charge:

Coordinates college activities related to educational and information technology policies, funding and resources, planning and implementation. Provides a single point of contact for communicating status and issues related to educational and information technology for the college. The committee also provides input to the district-wide activities performed by various educational and information technology task groups so that college interests are included in the district decision-making process.

Information Technology Committee Meeting Schedule:
2nd and 4th Friday of each month from 9:00 to 10:30

Meeting Location:

Current Agendas & Minutes

2014-15 Educational and Information Technology Committee Membership:
Committee Chairs:
Manager: Elaine Ader, Information Technology
Classified: Jacek Kozikowski, Davis Center
Faculty: Patrick Crandley, Advanced Technology

Administrative Members:
Kimberly McDaniel, Counseling and Student Success

Classified Members:
Rick Brewer, Communications and Public Information Office
Tom Childress, Advanced Technology
Andy Divanyan, Information Technology
Robert Kelly, Information Technology
Jennifer Schwedler, Information Technology

Faculty Members:
Alexis Ackerman, Science Allied Health
Jessica Coppola, Behavioral and Social Sciences
Andrew Jones, Kinesiology, Health and Athletics
Jeff Karlsen, Learning Resources
Julia Kehow, Behavioral and Social Sciences
Bill Miller, Science and Allied Health
Matthew Miller, Humanities and Fine Arts
Gabriella Nuttall, Language and Literature
Elizabeth Stevenson, Learning Resources
Daniel Styer, Math, Statistics and Engineering
Charles Whipple, Behavioral and Social Sciences

Student Members:
Christian O’Neil