Learning Resources

Learning Resources Committee Charge

The LRC Standing Committee reviews and makes recommendations for programs, services, and resources provided in the following areas:

  • Library
  • Instructional Media Services
  • Learning Skills and Tutoring
  • Writing Center
  • Instructional Development
  • Academic Computing
  • Distance Education
  • Archives
  • Media Services and Production areas.

Committee members work with students, faculty, and staff to identify corresponding needs of the college and to help ensure the Learning Resource Division’s responsiveness to those needs. The Committee also works with the campus community to promote student engagement with a special emphasis on activities and programs that highlight students, faculty, and staff. The Committee reviews quantitative and qualitative data related to the work of the Committee.


Learning Resources Committee Meeting Schedule
3rd Friday of each month from 12:00 to 1:00

Meeting Location:
3rd Floor of LRC, Special Archives Collection Room

Other Committee Items:



2015-16 Learning Resources Committee Members

Committee Chairs:
Manager: Dale Cohen, Science and Allied Health
Classified: Tanya Anderson, High School Outreach
Faculty: Mark Webster, Mathematics, Statistics, and Engineering

Administrative Members:
Kevin Flash, Learning Resources
Frank Malaret, Behavioral and Social Sciences

Classified Members:
Anne Danenberg, Planning, Research & Institutional Effectiveness
Barbara Izzo, Learning Resources
Natalya Lodzhanskiy, West Sacramento Center

Faculty Members:
Kevin Anderson, Business
Grace Austin, Behavioral and Social Sciences
Gina Holland, Science & Allied Health
Sandra Kawamura, Language and Literature
Rob Knable, Humanities and Fine Arts
Liam McDaid, Science and Allied Health
Loretta Richard, Learning Resources
Lauri Smedley, Business & CIS
Sanda Valcu, Learning Resources
Camille Waggoner, Language & Literature

Student Members:
Celeste June Taylor