Matriculation and Student Success

Matriculation and Student Success Committee Charge

The Matriculation committee reviews the SCC Matriculation Plan and informs revision of its component standards. In alignment with the college mission, values, and goals, the shared governance process, and the District Matriculation Committee, the committee evaluates, provides feedback, and makes recommendations in areas including admission, orientation, assessment, advising and counseling, and other matriculation activities, The committee sets goals for fully implementing matriculation at Sacramento City College, identifies needs in the matriculation process, and initiates programs that will address these needs.


Matriculation and Student Success Committee Meeting Schedule
2nd Tuesday of each month from 12:00 – 1:00 PM

Meeting Location
City Cafe #2



Other Committee Items:



2015-16 Matriculation and Student Success Committee Members

Committee Chairs:
Manager: Art Pimentel, West Sacramento Center
Classified: Ashu Mishra, West Sacramento Center
Faculty: Angie Lambert, Mathematics, Statistics & Engineering

Administrative Members:
Deb Luff, Student Services
Daniel Styer, Mathematics, Statistics & Engineering

Classified Members:
Kayla Anaya, Language & Literature
Rachel Bingham, Counseling & Student Success
Rick Brewer, Communications & Public Information
Ramona Cobian, CalWorks
Kathleen Dorn, EOP&S
Craig Hart, Matriculation
Tara Loschiavo, Basic Skills Initiative
Irina Marsant, Assessment
Blair McAnelly, EOP&S
America Rust, Admissions & Records
Hannia Velez, Instruction
Katherine Zoloty, Planning, Research & Institutional Effectiveness

Faculty Members:
Angela Block, Behavioral & Social Science
Mike Crain, Humanities and Fine Arts
David Fabionar, Humanities & Fine Arts
Sandra Kawamura, Language & Literature
Norman Lorenz, Behavioral & Social Science
Pat McDonald, Mathematics, Statistics & Engineering
Holly Piscopo, Behavioral & Social Science
Sandi Ruedas, Counseling & Student Success
Gerri Scott, Counseling & Student Success
Leila Stone, Counseling & Student Success
Karen Tercho, Learning Resources
Ken Times, Counseling & Student Success
Gwyneth Tracy, DSPS

Student Members:
Alonzo Brown
Ansel Chan
Dayjanae Dunn
Lorrelle Greene
Brian Ito-Kiley
Melody Jimenez
Juilanne Maninang