Planning, Research & Institutional Effectiveness

PRIE Committee Charge

The PRIE Committee acts to assist the CSPC and PRIE Office in the tactical implementation of College Strategic Planning. This includes:

  • Communicate with the college community about key planning questions, how college data is used to support college goals, outcome measures, and information related to suggestions for process improvements.
  • Provide support for college-wide dialogue concerning key findings from the data analysis, planning questions, and the implementation of college plans. In order to provide this support the PRIE committee will review qualitative and quantitative data relevant to the College Strategic Planning Process.
  • Provide feedback to the PRIE Office as that office identifies planning data, conducts the initial assessment and interpretation of the data, and compiles the data for use by the CSPC.
  • Review and make recommendations regarding the college research agenda including support of the grant writing function.
  • Assure the continuity of the accreditation process from the self-study and team findings into the planning process.
  • Complete other tasks for the CSPC as requested.


PRIE Committee Meeting Schedule
2nd & 4th Friday of each month from 9:00 to 10:30

Meeting Location
South Gym 119 (Fall 2015)
City Cafe #1 (Spring 2016)







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