Staff Equity & Diversity Committee

Standing Committee

Staff Equity & Diversity Committee Charge

Develops, reviews, recommends and implements programs and services designed to enhance diversity and equity in educational, employment, and promotional opportunities for faculty and staff.


Staff Equity and Diversity Committee Meeting Schedule
1st Friday of each month from 9:00 to 10:00 (January excluded)
Meeting Location: City Cafe #1










Other Committee Items:


2017-18 Staff Equity & Diversity Committee Membership

Committee Chairs:
Manager: Don Palm, Davis Center
Classified: Courtnee Mack, Student Success & Support Program
Faculty: Norman Lorenz, Behavioral & Social Sciences

Administrative Members:
Martin Ramirez, STEM Equity & Success Initiative
Deborah Saks, Business & CIS
Daniel Styer, Mathematics, Statistics and Engineering

Classified Members:
Silvia Aguirre-Barr, Business & CIS
Aurora Dalske, Disabled Student Programs and Services
Irina Marsant, Student Equity and Success
Minh Tran, CalWORKS
Luz Vazquez, Student Success & Support Program

Faculty Members:
Julie Colombo, Language and Literature
David Doran, Science & Allied Health
Mari Carmen Garcia, Humanities & Fine Arts
Angie Lambert, Mathematics, Statistics and Engineering
Brian Mom, Business & CIS
Toni Newman, Counseling and Student Success
Michael Severson, Humanities & Fine Arts
Karen Tercho, Learning Resource Center
Meili Xu, Business & CIS
Diana Zaragoza, Behavioral & Social Sciences

Student Members:
Christina Martinez Jimenez