Staff Equity & Diversity

Staff Equity & Diversity Committee Charge

Develops, reviews, recommends and implements programs and services designed to enhance diversity and equity in educational, employment, and promotional opportunities for faculty and staff.


Staff Equity and Diversity Meeting Schedule
1st Friday’s from 9:00 to 10:00

Meeting Location
City Cafe #1


Other Committee Items:



2015-16 Staff Equity & Diversity Members

Committee Chairs:
Manager: Deborah Saks, Business & CIS
Classified: Janice Hans, Language & Literature
Faculty: Michael Severson, Humanities & Fine Arts

Administrative Members:
Jim Collins, Science & Allied Health
Julia Jolly, Instruction
Gabriel Meehan, Instruction

Classified Members:
Gurpreet Bhatia, West Sacramento Center
Aurora Dalske, DSPS

Faculty Members:
Victoria Cornelius, Counseling & Student Success
Adam Freas, EOP&S
Mari Carmen Garcia, Humanities & Fine Arts
Angie Lambert, Mathematics, Statistics & Engineering
Ann Lewis, Language & Literature
Andrea Lucas, Humanities & Fine Arts
Toni Newman, DSPS
Tim Taylor, Business & CIS

Student Members:
Esmeralda Hurtado