Student Equity

Student Equity Committee Charge

The Student Equity Committee will help the college successfully serve the educational needs of the adult population who seek higher education regardless of their social, educational, ethnic, or cultural backgrounds. The committee will maintain and implement the Student Equity Plan that measures student access, course completion rates, ESL and Basic Skills completion rates, degree and certificate completion rates, transfer rates, employment rates, and the supportiveness of the campus environment for all students. The committee will make recommendations and offer strategies for action through the shared governance structure to address discrepancies that exist for under-represented students compared to the rest of the student body.

Student Equity Committee Meeting Schedule: 1st Friday of each month from 11:00 to 12:30
Meeting Location: LR 318

Current Student Equity Committee Agendas & Minutes

2014-15 Student Equity Committee Membership:

Committee Chairs:
Manager: Donnetta Webb, Advanced Technology
Classified:  Shawn Ledet, Learning Resources
Faculty: Mary-Sue Allred, Counseling and Student Success

Administrative Members:
Marybeth Buechner, Planning, Research and Institutional Effectiveness
Jim Collins, Science and Allied Health
TBA, Student Services

Classified Members:

Ghada Al Masri, Planning, Research & Institutional Effectiveness
Gurpreet Bhatia, West Sacramento
Angela Conner, Learning Resources
Sherri Goldberg, Assessment
Jennifer Schwedler, Information Technology
Minh Tran, CalWORKs

Faculty Members:

Tonya Atkins, Science and Allied Health
Marisa Avendano, Kinesiology, Health and Athletics
Riad Bahhur, International Studies
Michelle Beuttel, Language and Literature
Victoria Cornelius, Counseling and Student Success
Sheryl Fairchild, Business
Melissa Fellman, Science and Allied Health
Norman Lorenz, Staff Resource Center
Bi Nguyen, Mathematics, Statistics and Engineering
Erica Piedra, Humanities and Fine Arts
Holly Piscopo, Behavioral & Social Sciences
Gerri Scott, Counseling and Student Success

Student Members:

Katrina Mae Cruz
Dillon Mitome