College Goals & Planning Timelines

Below you will find information on the College Goals that are being implemented this academic year (2013-14) and the goals used for planning for the next academic year (2014-15). The link labeled “2013-14 College Goals” takes you to the goals that are being implemented this academic year (2013-14). The “2014-15″ goals apply to the 2014-15 planning year. So, this fall when you plan for next year (academic year 2014-15) you’ll be using these revised goals.The Planning Time-lines refer to a “Planning Year”– the academic year for which you are planning. For example, this fall you will plan for next year (2014-15). The timelines for the Planning Year 2014-15 refer to the work that you are doing this fall (2013) to plan for next year.

If you have any questions regarding the information on this page, please contact Marybeth Buechner at Extensions 2511 and 2512 in the PRIE office.

College Strategic Planning Committee (CSPC)

The CSPC is the leadership committee responsible for developing the first steps of the planning process each year, including data evaluation and setting the college goals and outcome measures for the next cycle. Membership consists of the leader of each of the four constituency groups, the VPs, the dean of PRIE, and appointed representatives from the constituency groups.

Family of Plans

College Strategic Plan and Glossary of Terms

Family of Plans Diagram
The diagram shows the Family of Plans in a graph with the College Master Plan

Institutional Plans
Plans developed for each of the three functional areas (instruction, student services, administration) to articulate the context and scope of planning within each area.

Program Plans
College wide plans that support the college’s strategic goals and directions. They include objectives and measures of merit/outcomes. They are resourced as individual plans by the institution and reviewed annually. Program Plans are typically funded from “Above the Line” funding sources.

Resource Plans
These plans describe the annual resource allocation processes for the five resource groups (financial, facilities, faculty, classified staff, information technology).They include outcome measures to be evaluated. They define the product of the resource allocation process (e.g. recommendations on funding priorities and sources of funding, how classified staff positions are earned, etc.)

Unit Plans
Action plans with objectives linked to College Goals that drive the daily operations of the college, indicate the expected results, and identify types of resources required. Unit Plans include resource requests related to the base budgets of the units and other requests that go to the Budget Committee.

Resource Allocation

Beginning in the 2010-11 academic year, resource allocation requests were incorporated into the Unit Plan process. To find resource allocation requests for the 2010-11 year and beyond, please go to the Unit Plan page.

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