College Unit Planning

For the 2014-15 Planning Year


The SCC Unit Plan process takes place on an annual cycle. Each Fall semester, departments write the Unit Plans for the next academic year.  The “planning year” is the year for which you are planning – “next year” in most cases. Right now, we are working on planning year 2014-15. The information on this page provides guidance for that process.

To view the 2014-2015 online unit planning entry site, click here.

Data for Unit Planning can be found at the PRIE website SCC Program Review and Unit Planning Data. (Only available on a Campus computer, “Local Intranet”.)

Unit Plans with department and division priorities and estimates of fiscal costs are due to the PRIE Office by Dec. 13th, 2013This is a firm deadline.

Each Spring semester, departments report on whether they’ve achieved the objectives for the current year. If you are interested in those reports, please click on the following link: Department Accomplishments

Please see the links below for additional information:
College Planning Timeline for 2014-15 Planning Year
Instructions to 2014-15 Online Unit Planning
SCC Goals & Strategies for Planning Year 2014-15
Objective Definitions

If you would like help with your Unit Plan, please contact The PRIE Office (Extensions 2511 and 2512) to schedule a time for Marybeth Buechner to work with you.