College Planning Data and Reports

Below you will find links to various information on our students at SCC. You will also find a link to Strategic Planning Reports and SCC survey data. The information below will help answer many frequently-asked questions about our students and course offerings.

The source for the data and reports provided below comes from various sources, including the LRCCD Institutional Research Database, surveys, daily registration files, ARCC data, IPEDS data, College assessment data and other sources (Note: the source file is listed at the bottom of each data page). We will publish current data as it becomes available while reporting trend data to provide a longitudinal look at changes in our students and enrollments.The PRIE Office also maintains websites that have data related to Unit Planning-Program Review and Enrollment. These 2 links are available on campus computers as they are on the local intranet.If you have additional questions, please use this link to contact the SCC Research Analyst, Anne Danenberg, in the PRIE Office.To visit the Accreditation Home Page, click here.