Programs of Study Overview

Associate in Arts DegreeAssociate in Arts DegreeA two-year undergraduate degree that provides a liberal arts education. Minimum: 60 units with a GPA of 2.0 (“C” average).
Associate in Science DegreeAssociate in Science DegreeA two-year undergraduate degree that provides a foundation in science, math or technology. Minimum: 60 units with a GPA of 2.0 (“C” average).
Associate in Arts for TransferAssociate in Arts for TransferA two-year undergraduate liberal arts degree that grants priority admission to CSU. Minimum: 60 units with a GPA of 2.0 (“C” average).
Associate in Science for TransferAssociate in Science for TransferA two-year undergraduate science, math or technology degree that grants priority admission to CSU. Minimum: 60 units with a GPA of 2.0 (“C” average).
Certificate of AchievementCertificate of AchievementCertifies that the student is prepared to enter the career designated on the certificate. Minimum: “C” or better in each course, with 12 units completed at SCC.
CertificateCertificateCertifies that the student is prepared to meet specific occupational needs, upgrade skills, or for advancement in an existing career. Minimum: 11.5 units or less completed at SCC, with a “C” or better in each course.

AccountingAssociate in Science DegreeAccountingCertificate of AchievementAccounting ClerkCertificate of AchievementFull Charge Bookkeeper
ActingSee Theatre Arts
Administration of JusticeAssociate in Science DegreeAdministration of JusticeAssociate in Science for TransferAdministration of Justice for Transfer
AeronauticsAssociate in Science DegreeAir Traffic ControlAssociate in Science Degree Certificate of AchievementAircraft DispatcherAssociate in Science Degree Certificate of AchievementAirframe
Associate in Science Degree Certificate of AchievementCombined Airframe and PowerplantAssociate in Science Degree Certificate of AchievementFlight TechnologyAssociate in Science Degree Certificate of AchievementPowerplant
Allied HealthAssociate in Science Degree Certificate of AchievementPre-Allied Health and Nursing
AnimationSee Graphic Communication
AnthropologyAssociate in Arts Degree AnthropologyAssociate in Arts for TransferAnthropology for Transfer
ArtAssociate in Arts DegreeArtAssociate in Arts for TransferStudio Arts for Transfer
Art HistoryAssociate in Arts DegreeArt HistoryAssociate in Arts for TransferArt History for Transfer
AstronomyAstronomy (courses only)
AthleticsSee Kinesiology
AviationSee Aeronautics
BiologyAssociate in Science DegreeBiologyCertificate of AchievementField Ecology
BusinessAssociate in Science Degree Certificate of AchievementAccounting (see Accounting)Associate in Science DegreeBusiness, GeneralAssociate in Science for TransferBusiness Administration for Transfer
CertificateCustomer ServiceAssociate in Science Degree Certificate of AchievementManagementAssociate in Science Degree Certificate of AchievementMarketing
Associate in Science DegreeMarketing, AdvertisingCertificate of AchievementOffice Administration, Computer Keyboarding and Office ApplicationsCertificate of AchievementOffice Administration, Clerical General Office, Level A
Certificate of AchievementOffice Administration, Introduction to Computerized Office Technologies, Level BCertificate of AchievementOffice Administration, Business Operations and Management Technology, Level CAssociate in Science Degree Certificate of AchievementOffice Administration, Virtual Office and Management Technologies, Level D
Associate in Science Degree Certificate of AchievementReal EstateCertificate of AchievementRetail ManagementAssociate in Science Degree Certificate of AchievementSmall Business Management
ChemistryAssociate in Science DegreeChemistryAssociate in Science Degree Certificate of AchievementChemical Technology
CommunicationAssociate in Arts DegreeCommunicationAssociate in Arts for TransferCommunication Studies for Transfer
Community Leadership DevelopmentCommunity Leadership Development (courses only)
Community StudiesAssociate in Arts Degree Certificate of AchievementCommunity Studies (Emphasis on Direct Services)
Computer Information ScienceCertificate of AchievementAdvanced CISCO NetworkingCertificate of AchievementBusiness Information WorkerAssociate in Science Degree Certificate of AchievementComputer Science
 Certificate of AchievementFront-End Web DeveloperAssociate in Science DegreeInformation ProcessingCertificate of AchievementInformation Processing Specialist
Certificate of AchievementInformation Processing TechnicianAssociate in Science Degree Certificate of AchievementInformation Systems SecurityAssociate in Science Degree Certificate of AchievementManagement Information Science
Associate in Science Degree Certificate of AchievementNetwork AdministrationAssociate in Science Degree Certificate of AchievementNetwork DesignCertificate of AchievementPC Support
Certificate of AchievementProgrammingAssociate in Science Degree Certificate of AchievementWeb DeveloperCertificate of AchievementWeb Production Specialist
Associate in Science Degree Certificate of AchievementWeb Professional
CosmetologyAssociate in Science Degree Certificate of AchievementCosmetologyCertificate of AchievementArt and Science of Nail Technology
Deaf Culture and American Sign LanguageDeaf Culture and American Sign Language (courses only)
Dental AssistingAssociate in Science Degree Certificate of AchievementDental Assisting
Dental HygieneAssociate in Science DegreeDental Hygiene
DraftingSee Engineering Design Technology
Early Childhood EducationAssociate in Arts DegreeChild DevelopmentAssociate in Arts for TransferEarly Childhood Education for TransferAssociate in Arts DegreeEarly Childhood Education Administration
Associate in Arts DegreeEarly Childhood Education TeacherCertificate of AchievementFamily Child CareCertificate of AchievementInfant Care and Education Teacher
Certificate of AchievementSchool-Age Care and Education Teacher
EconomicsEconomics (courses only)
Education/TeachingAssociate in Arts for TransferElementary Teacher Education for Transfer
Electronics TechnologyAssociate in Science Degree Certificate of AchievementAutomated Systems TechnicianAssociate in Science Degree Certificate of AchievementElectronics Facilities Maintenance TechnicianCertificate of AchievementElectronics Mechanic
Associate in Science Degree Certificate of AchievementMicrocomputer TechnicianAssociate in Science Degree Certificate of AchievementTelecommunications Technician
EngineeringAssociate in Science DegreeCivil EngineeringAssociate in Science DegreeElectrical/Computer EngineeringAssociate in Science DegreeEngineering, General
Associate in Science DegreeMechanical/Aeronautical Engineering
Engineering Design TechnologyAssociate in Science Degree Certificate of AchievementEngineering Design TechnologyAssociate in Science Degree Certificate of AchievementArchitectural/Structural DraftingAssociate in Science Degree Certificate of AchievementElectric (Power-Lighting Systems)
Associate in Science Degree Certificate of AchievementHVAC Systems DesignAssociate in Science Degree Certificate of AchievementMechanical (HVAC/Plumbing Systems)Associate in Science Degree Certificate of AchievementSurveying (Geomatics)
EnglishAssociate in Arts DegreeEnglishAssociate in Arts for TransferEnglish for Transfer
English as a Second LanguageCertificate of AchievementAdvanced Proficiency in English as a Second Language
Ethnic StudiesAssociate in Arts DegreeEthnic Studies
Family and Consumer ScienceAssociate in Arts DegreeFamily and Consumer Science
FashionAssociate in Arts DegreeApplied Apparel Studies ProductionCertificate of AchievementApplied Apparel Studies ConstructionAssociate in Arts Degree  Certificate of AchievementCustom Apparel Construction and Alterations
Certificate of AchievementFashion Design and Production
Field EcologySee Biology
FilmSee Theatre Arts Film
FitnessSee Kinesiology
Foreign LanguagesArabic (courses only)Cantonese/Chinese (courses only)French (courses only)
Greek (courses only)Italian (courses only)Japanese (courses only)
Korean (courses only)Mandarin/Chinese (courses only)Persian (courses only)
Punjabi (courses only)Russian (courses only)Associate in Arts for TransferSpanish for Transfer
Tagalog (courses only)Vietnamese (courses only)
Game DesignSee Graphic Communication
GeographyAssociate in Arts for TransferGeography for Transfer
GeologyAssociate in Science for TransferGeology for Transfer
GerontologyAssociate in Science Degree Certificate of AchievementGerontology
Graphic CommunicationAssociate in Science Degree Certificate of Achievement Graphic CommunicationCertificate of Achievement3D Animation and ModelingCertificate of AchievementGame Design
Certificate of AchievementGraphic DesignCertificate of AchievementInteractive DesignCertificate of AchievementWeb Design
Health EducationHealth Education (courses only)
HistoryAssociate in Arts DegreeHistoryAssociate in Arts for TransferHistory for Transfer
HonorsHonors (courses only)
Human Career DevelopmentHuman Career Development (courses only)
Human ServicesHuman Services (courses only)
HumanitiesHumanities (courses only)
Independent StudiesIndependent Studies (courses only)
Instructional AssistingAssociate in Arts DegreeCertificate of AchievementInstructional Assisting, Bilingual/BiculturalAssociate in Arts DegreeCertificate of AchievementInstructional Assisting, GeneralAssociate in Arts DegreeCertificate of AchievementInstructional Assisting, Special Education
Intercultural StudiesAssociate in Arts DegreeIntercultural Studies
Interdisciplinary StudiesAssociate in Arts DegreeArts and HumanitiesAssociate in Arts DegreeEnvironmental Literacy Associate in Arts DegreeMath and Science
Associate in Arts DegreeSocial and Behavioral SciencesInterdisciplinary Studies (courses only)
International StudiesAssociate in Arts DegreeInternational Studies
JournalismAssociate in Arts DegreeJournalismAssociate in Arts for TransferJournalism for TransferCertificate of AchievementMultimedia News Specialist
Certificate of AchievementVisual Journalism
KinesiologyAssociate in Arts for TransferKinesiology for TransferCertificate of AchievementAthletic Coaching CertificationCertificate of AchievementFitness Instructor Certification
Associate in Arts DegreeKinesiology – Exercise Science
Learning, Tutoring and Academic TechnologyLearning, Tutoring and Academic Technology (courses only)
LibraryLibrary (courses only)
Library and Information TechnologyAssociate in Science DegreeCertificate of AchievementLibrary and Information Technology
ManagementSee Business
MarketingSee Business
MathematicsAssociate in Science DegreeMathematicsAssociate in Science for TransferMathematics for Transfer
Mechanical-Electrical TechnologyAssociate in Science DegreeCertificate of AchievementMechanical-Electrical TechnologyCertificateCommercial Building Energy Auditing and Commissioning
Certificate of AchievementMechanical Systems Technician
MusicAssociate in Arts DegreeMusic, GeneralAssociate in Arts for TransferMusic for TransferVocal & Choral Music (courses only)
Associate in Arts DegreeCertificate of AchievementCommercial Music, Audio Production EmphasisAssociate in Arts DegreeCertificate of AchievementCommercial Music, Music Business Management EmphasisAssociate in Arts DegreeCertificate of AchievementCommercial Music, Performance Emphasis
Associate in Arts DegreeCertificate of AchievementCommercial Music, Songwriting/Arranging Emphasis
NetworkSee Computer Information Science
NursingAssociate in Science DegreeRegistered NursingAssociate in Science DegreeCertificate of AchievementVocational NursingCertificate of AchievementLVN-RN 30-Unit Option
NutritionAssociate in Science DegreeNutrition
Occupational Therapy AssistantAssociate in Science DegreeOccupational Therapy Assistant
PhilosophyAssociate in Arts for TransferPhilosophy for Transfer
PhotographyAssociate in Arts DegreeCertificate of AchievementPhotographyCertificate of AchievementCommercial and Magazine PhotographyCertificate of AchievementPortrait and Wedding Photography
Physical EducationSee Kinesiology
Physical Therapist AssistantAssociate in Science DegreePhysical Therapist Assistant
PhysicsPhysics (courses only)
Political ScienceAssociate in Arts DegreePolitical ScienceAssociate in Arts for TransferPolitical Science for Transfer
Pre-professional Majors (transfer majors only)Law (courses only)Pharmacy (courses only)Dentistry (courses only)
Medicine (courses only)Optometry (courses only)Teacher Education (courses only)
Social Welfare (courses only)Veterinary Medicine (courses only)
ProgrammingSee Computer Information Science
PsychologyAssociate in Arts DegreePsychologyAssociate in Arts for TransferPsychology for Transfer
Railroad OperationsAssociate in Science DegreeCertificate of AchievementRailroad Operations
Real EstateSee Business
RecreationRecreation (courses only)
Sign Language Studies(see Deaf Culture and American Sign Language)
Social SciencesAssociate in Arts DegreeSocial Sciences
SociologyAssociate in Arts DegreeSociologyAssociate in Arts for TransferSociology for Transfer
SpeechSee Communication
StatisticsStatistics (courses only)
Student GovernmentStudent Government (courses only)
TeachingSee Early Childhood Education or Education/Teaching
Theatre ArtsAssociate in Arts DegreeActing-Directing EmphasisAssociate in Arts DegreeTechnical Production EmphasisAssociate in Arts for TransferTheatre Arts for Transfer
Theatre Arts Performance (courses only)
Theatre Arts FilmAssociate in Arts DegreeFilmCertificate of AchievementFilm Production Certificate of AchievementFilm Studies
Web DesignSee Graphic Communication
Web DeveloperSee Computer Information Science
Women and Gender StudiesAssociate in Arts DegreeWomen and Gender Studies
Work ExperienceWork Experience (courses only)