PTA Program Eligibility & Application Process


The Physical Therapist Assistant Program admits a maximum of 30 students once per year. Classes start in August each year.


Applicants are required to have a Los Rios student identification number. Apply for a student identification number for free through the Los Rios Community College District.

Applicants should complete an Admissions Checklist prior to applying. To be eligible for acceptance into the Physical Therapist Assistant Program the applicant must:

1) Have completed the following courses with grades of “C” or better, and a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 (The 3.0 GPA requirement is new for 2015. Students who applied in 2014 and were determined to be eligible applicants and granted ‘alternate’ status are not required to meet the new requirement in order to continue to be considered eligible. New applicants must meet the updated requirements):

  • PTA 100, Introduction to Physical Therapist Assistant, 1.5 semester units. PTA 100 is an online course that can be taken at Sacramento City College.
  • BIOL 430 & 431 or equivalent,* Anatomy and Physiology, or equivalent courses. A minimum of 8 semester units of anatomy and physiology, completed within the past 10 years, is required. Students who have completed at least four units of anatomy/physiology and have the remaining units “in progress” at the time of application are eligible to apply. If accepted for enrollment, these students will need to provide updated transcripts verifying satisfactory completion of anatomy/physiology by the end of the spring semester.
  • ENGWR 300, ENGWR 488, or ESLW 340 or equivalent*, College Composition, 3 semester units.


2) Be eligible for ENGRD 310 (Prose Analysis and Interpretation) as determined either by the reading assessment process**, completion of ENGRD 110 (Comprehension Strategies and Vocabulary Development for College), or ESLR 340 (Advanced Reading Skills through Literature) with at least a “C”. Students may also fulfill this requirement by submitting official transcripts that indicate completion of an AA or AS degree or higher.

*If prerequisite courses have been taken at another college or university, applicants should consult the Equivalency Grid to determine course equivalency. If a course is not listed on the grid, applicants MUST SUBMIT A COURSE SUBSTITUTION FORM. To do so, applicants should meet with a college counselor. Please visit the Counseling office’s website to make an appointment.

**The reading assessment test can be scheduled with the SCC Assessment Center: Student Services Building Room 121; 916 558-2540.


Students apply for enrollment to the program during the Spring Semester and enter the program in the Fall Semester. Students wishing to apply for enrollment must submit an online application to the PTA Program between March 15 and April 15. Paper applications will not be accepted. The application form will only be available during this time frame. The application materials which must be submitted by the deadline of April 15 include:


Complete this form between March 15 and April 15. Applicants must fill out all required fields.


Official sealed transcripts of college work must be provided and should be submitted to the Office of Admissions & Records. Transcripts can be submitted at any time during the year prior to the April 15th deadline.


All students who meet the program eligibility requirements are placed in the eligible applicant pool. If there are more eligible applicants than spaces available selection is as follows:

  •  One-third of the class (10 spaces) is randomly selected from the eligible applicants who were ALTERNATES the previous year. An alternate is a student who applied to the program and received a letter indicating that he/she met eligibility requirements and was designated as an alternate in the random selection process. Students who have been eligible for more than one year in a row will have their names entered in the random selection process a corresponding number of times. For example, a student who is applying for the third year in succession would have his/her name entered into the random selection process three times.
  • The remaining two-thirds of the class (20 spaces) is randomly selected from ALL eligible applicants, including the remaining previous year’s alternates. Students who have been eligible for more than one year in a row will have their names entered in the lottery a corresponding number of times.

Students will be notified by email that their application has been received and is being processed. Students will be notified of their enrollment status by email by May 15. Phone verification cannot be provided. Students who are selected for admission for enrollment will receive an application packet by standard mail and will be asked to accept or decline enrollment in the program by June 5. Eligible students who are not selected are considered alternates. If spaces become available before classes begins alternates will continue to be selected and notified by standard mail, based on the number received in the computerized random selection process. Alternate candidates should notify the PTA Program Coordinator if their contact information changes in order to ensure that they can be contacted readily if a space in the program becomes available. It is essential that email contact information is accurate.

Those students who are alternates and are not selected must re-apply the following year if they wish to be considered again for enrollment. A new Application for Enrollment form must be completed. Transcripts should be submitted with each application. All interested students should contact the program coordinator or attend an information meeting each semester for updates on the program and/or application process.

For Fall 2017, the program had 171 total applicants for 30 available spaces.

Transfer Students

Applicants from other accredited PTA programs may apply to transfer to the Sacramento City College PTA Program. A current transcript from the former program along with current college catalog descriptions of the courses taken, should be sent to the PTA Program Coordinator. Enrollment depends upon evidence of completion of equivalent academic and clinical coursework, and on space availability.

Important information

This is a vocational program in which supervised clinical experience in a variety of healthcare settings is a part of the educational experience. Students admitted for enrollment to the program will be required to submit evidence of documentation required by clinical facilities. Such documentation includes background check, drug screen, evidence of physical examination, immunizations, current Health Care Provider level CPR certification, First Aid training, and Blood-borne Pathogen training. Detailed information on these requirements will be provided to students accepted for enrollment.

Prospective students should be aware that the Physical Therapy Board of California requires applicants for licensure to disclose history of misdemeanor or felony offenses, and undergo a background check for criminal convictions from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the California Department of Justice (DOJ).