Lewis Caviness

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The Math 27 Survey or Math 28 Survey should be completed.

Math 27 Lab meets Monday/Wednesday, 12:30-1:50 pm in Business-104.

Math 28 Lecture meets Tuesday/Thursday, 1200-1:20 pm in Business-237.
Math 28 Lab meets Friday, 12:00-1:05 pm in Business-240 (required).
Math 28 Assignments are due Tuesday/Thursday in class or my mailbox.

My Mailbox can be accessed by staff in Rodda North Hall, 3rd floor.
My Office Hours
are Tuesday/Thursday, 1:40-2:15 pm in RHN-342, 3rd floor, Adjunct Office.
The Desire2Learn and Canvas Sites have information important to you.

Wishing you well this semester,

Lewis/Mr. C