SCC WordPress Help

For our Wordpress SCC Website content managers.

This section of the website will serve as your directory of training videos, materials and web resources.

If you have been designated to serve as an Editor, Author, or Contributor, you will want to bookmark the site in your browser and visit as needed.

Please remember, we have dedicated team to help you. No question is too big or small.

  • Abstract database


    Learn about our document database Alfresco and how to use it to make your workflow most efficient.

  • Navigating an iPad

    WordPress Tutorials

    Learn how to execute some common WordPress tasks in step-by-step tutorials.

  • Templates

    Learn about the function and layout of each custom WordPress Template to better pick the one that suits your site needs.

  • Web Design Resources

    Want to know more about modern web design? Visit our collection of resources for WordPress, HTML, and writing for the web.