There are many free and paid online resources for learning how to use WordPress. But all of them are geared toward either the individual beginning or intermediate user, users of the free WordPress.com service, or experienced web developers. Most of what you find here will help with your general understanding of the WordPress platform, but not address many of the customized and unique features of the SCC Website.

The best and most relevant training and support will come directly from the SCC Website team — Quinn Nakano, Don Button, Tom Cappelletti and others. So please be aware, the list below is provided for additional and supplementary purposes only.

The premier online technology training site. There are full WordPress training curriculums here that you can spend hours and hours on. SCC has a limited number of licences to use Lynda.com, just contact Jori Hadsell in Instructional Services for information.

The home of free-hosted WordPress sites and blogs. Not really relevant to the SCC Website, but great if you want to start your own free blog without having to do any installing or coding.

The main home of the open source WordPress platform, and the place to go to get a free install / download of WordPress for your own hosted blog / site (not needed for any of the SCC Website pages). There is much information here about WordPress for beginners up to high-end web developers, as well as . There is some training available under the Support – Documentation tab, but it’s not particularly useful for beginners.


How to build a custom WordPress site from beginning to end, including setting up web hosting and domine name. This is a one-and-a-half-hour long lesson from WPSculptor.com

56 Brilliant WordPress Tutorials

50 WordPress tutorials for Designers
(disclaimer: I have only looked at a couple of these, so I can’t promise how relevant or helpful they will be.)