Training Videos

SCC Content Providers — Looking to learn WordPress or advance your skills? Whether you’re an Editor, Author, or Contributor, this is the place for you! Our growing catalogue of custom SCC video trainings and handouts are below. Check back regularly for new videos.



Watch these introductory videos first:


Introduction to the New SCC Website

VIDEO-PLAY_72px(44 min.) A look at the new site design and page templates, site and page production process, and introduction to responsive design and user-centered design concepts. (09.05.13)

Introduction to the SCC Website CMS

VIDEO-PLAY_72px(40 min.) An overview of our Content Management System and WordPress Dashboard; introduction to creating pages, posts, uploading graphics and other basic features. (09.05.13)  NOTE: This link was previously incorrect. It has been corrected and updated as of 11.04.13.

Using SCC WordPress Templates

VIDEO-PLAY_72px(60 min.) A more detailed explanation and demonstration of the primary custom templates, editing the various components and placing graphics in text. (09.06.13)

WordPress Basics & Tips

The WordPress Dashboard

VIDEO-PLAY_72px(7 min.) A quick look at the Dashboard page, how to organize it and use it to save time — don’t miss it!!. (10.16.13)

Formatting Text

VIDEO-PLAY_72px(36 min.) Demonstration of the various options in formatting text in the WordPress template content areas. (09.12.13) ADDENDUM: 3 min video on Text Background Color format.

Page Management Tips

VIDEO-PLAY_72px(20 min.) A virtual smorgasbord of useful and timesaving tips: Cloning and New Draft pages, how to manage Permalinks, Bulk Editing and permanently deleting pages.  (10.16.13)

Search Engine Optimization

The SCC Events Calendar

Introduction to the Events Calendar

VIDEO-PLAY_72px(11 min.) Learn about our powerful new City College Events Calendar — how our site visitors can find, search and filter campus events, view events by day, week or month, and the variety of useful information that can be provided.

How to Post Events to the Events Calendar

VIDEO-PLAY_72px(25 min.) Posting events to our new City College Events Calendar is easy — watch this video for a demonstration of all the steps getting access and sharing your events to our website audience.

Department Websites: A 6.5 - part Series


Pt. 1: Series Introduction

VIDEO-PLAY_72px(5 min.) Introducing the series for Department site editors, a quick look at the sample site, site map and navigation. (10.16.13)

Pt. 2: Site Map & Page Organization

VIDEO-PLAY_72px(17 min.) Beginning with the site map, we’ll look at the connection between it and the Page Tree and Navigation; adding, deleting and organizing the pages.  (10.16.13)

Pt. 3: Department Templates

VIDEO-PLAY_72px(26 min.) A detailed look at the four Department templates and how to use their various features. (10.16.13) PLEASE NOTE: Due to some changes in our plans for the Department / Program websites, Pt. 3 and Pt. 3a will need to be re-recorded. This version of Pt. 3 is still mostly relevant and useful and would help get you started. But this version of Pt. 3a is no longer useful so the link is no longer active. Please check back around Nov. 1 for the new videos. (10.23.13)

Pt. 3a: Program Template

VIDEO-PLAY_72px(15 min.) A detailed look at the Program template and how to use its various features. (10.16.13)


Pt. 4: Organizing Pages & Permalinks (URLs)

VIDEO-PLAY_72px(16 min.) An explanation of how WordPress creates its Permalink URL page addresses, how to edit them, and how they relate to good SEO. Also a look at editing the Permalinks of cloned and draft pages. (10.16.13)

Pt. 5: Setting Up a News Blog

VIDEO-PLAY_72px(13 min.) How to designate a page as for blog posts, SEO for the blog page and posts, and different post styles (10.16.13)

Pt. 6: Setting Up the Area Menu & Wrapping Up

VIDEO-PLAY_72px(17 min.) Creating a new Horizontal Area Menu to mirror the Page Tree structure and Site Map, active and static links. (10.16.13)


Template Updates

Site Organization, Menus & Widgets

Site Architecture and Pages Tree View

VIDEO-PLAY_72px(20 min.) Step–by–step demonstration of creating site structure and page organization based on a site map. (09.10.13)

Creating a Custom Area Menu

VIDEO-PLAY_72px(20 min.) Step–by–step demonstration of creating the primary menu for use in the Custom Area Menu, using both pages and links (09.10.13) ADDENDUM: 7 min. video correction about non-linking menu items.

Creating Menus

VIDEO-PLAY_72px(7 min.) Step–by–step demonstration of creating menus for use in sidebar widgets, using pages and links. (09.10.13)

Sidebars & Widgets

VIDEO-PLAY_72px(28 min.) Step–by–step demonstration of creating Custom Sidebars using widgets, including widgets based on menus, image widgets, and news widgets. (09.10.13)

A Deeper Look at Widgets

VIDEO-PLAY_72px(29 min.) A more detailed look at organizing widgets in the sidebar on individual pages vs. site wide, some of the specialty widgets, and especially adding basic HTML formatting in the Text widget.  (09.10.13) ADDENDUM: 3 min. video on the Inactive Widgets feature.

Removing the Default Sidebar Widgets

VIDEO-PLAY_72px(4.5 min.) A quick lesson on how to remove the sidebar widgets that are pre-placed in the pages of your new site (10.24.13)

The Social Media Widgets

VIDEO-PLAY_72px(14 min.) Do you want to add links to your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, or other social media site? Here’s a quick look at our new Socials Ignited widget and how to use it.  (10.24.13)

Working with Graphics

Managing Graphics & The Media Library

VIDEO-PLAY_72px(21 min.) Step–by–step demonstration of uploading images and files to the Media Library, adding graphics to a page, and editing them. (09.12.13)

Preparing Graphics for the Web

VIDEO-PLAY_72px(26 min.) Using Adobe Photoshop CC — now available on all Los Rios computers — we’ll learn how to crop, size and save images for the best appearance and performance on the Web and in our WordPress website. (10.24.13)  IMAGE SIZING HANDOUT: SCC_Website_graphic_sizes

HTML in WordPress

HTML Basics for WordPress

VIDEO-PLAY_72px(15 min.) Introduction to how HTML code and tags can be used and edited in the content areas of our WordPress templates. The is a very simple introduction and does not require any coding experience. (09.19.13)

More HTML for WordPress

VIDEO-PLAY_72px(27 min.) A more extensive look at the various basic HTML codes and how the work in WordPress, including site links, e-mail links and images. (09.19.13)

HTML for WordPress Widgets

VIDEO-PLAY_72px(16 min.) Examples on how to use basic HTML tags to add style and functionality in a sidebar text widget. (09.19.13)


Creating & Maintaining A Blog

VIDEO-PLAY_72px(34 min.) Step-by-Step demonstration of creating a Blog, designating a page for Posts, creating and managing Posts, different Post Styles, and posting tips. (09.17.13)

Featured Category Posts Widget for Blogs

VIDEO-PLAY_72px(14 min.) Step–by–step demonstration of creating the Category Posts Widget to present the most recent Blog Posts in the Sidebar. (09.17.13)

Upcoming Training Videos

  • SCC Stock / Banners / Logos   – Coming Soon
  • Designing for Responsive Pages  – Coming Soon
  • Downloads  – Coming Soon
  • Calendars  – Coming Soon
  • Alfresco  – Coming Soon

Archived Video (Flex Week)

Introduction to the SCC Website CMS

VIDEO-PLAY_72px(90 min.) Archived from the Flex presentation from 08.22.13. It’s a bit outdated and being replaced by the shorter videos abov. If you attended this Flex training or watched the recorded presentation, here is the HANDOUT.

Rethinking And Planning Your Website Content

VIDEO-PLAY_72px(90 min.) You should watch the first half hour of Introduction to the SCC Website CMS video (at right) before watching this video. (08.21.13) If you attended this Flex or watched the recorded presentation, here is the HANDOUT.