Student Learning Outcomes

Student learning outcomes (SLOs) are statements that specify what skills and abilities a student should be able to demonstrate upon successfully completing a course, program, or area of study.

Our SLO processes are woven throughout many of our college activities, including curriculum development, program design, student services, college planning, professional development efforts, and student development.

Learn more about how our SLO processes work by viewing our SLO Process Overview.

Student Learning Outcomes Contacts

    • Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee (SLOAC) Members: Elaine Ader, Diane Belair, Dianne Bennett, Kimberley Beyrer, Marybeth Buechner, Jarom Burbano, Linda Costello, Michael Hunter, Julia Jolly, Norman Lorenz, Karen Parks, Gayle Pitman. Pamela Posz, Timothy Quandt, Josh Roberts, Rick Woodmansee, and Amy Zannakis

SLO Philosophy Statement

Developed by a cross-constituency SLO advisory group with feedback from the campus community, our SLO Philosophy Statement was officially adopted by the Academic Senate in Spring, 2005.

SLO Assessment Process

Our SLO Assessment Process provides faculty, classified staff, and students with both formative and summative feedback on student learning.  Many instructional and student services areas have developed meaningful SLO assessment plans and are currently engaged at various stages of the assessment cycle.

SLO Assessment Reporting System

Our online SLO reporting system can be used to create SLO reports, ProLO maps, and ProLO reports for instructional areas and for student services.

How to Use This Website

The Instructional SLOs options in the menu bar link to SCC’s department SLO assessment reports at the course level and multi-year department SLO assessment plans. The templates for creating SLO assessment reports and the multi-year department plan templates are located here. This site also provides information regarding SLOs at the general education (GELO) and institutional (ISLO) levels. Finally, resources designed to assist faculty in the development of program student learning outcomes for degrees and certificates are located here.

The Student Services SLOs menu bar options link to information regarding student learning outcome efforts in the Student Services areas and programs at Sacramento City College. The updates on SLO assessment efforts in Student Services and SLO development resources available on this site assist in the development of program and area-level SLOs in Student Services. This site also contains the Student Services General Learning Outcomes (SSGLOs) which also link to the Sacramento City College Institutional Learning Outcomes (ISLOs) for a united and cohesive SLO assessment effort that includes all areas of the college.

The SLO Assessment Committees options in the menu bar provide links to information and documentation regarding both the Instructional and Student Services student learning outcome assessment committees. The information found when accessing these pages includes committee charges, membership, and meeting minutes. These committees provide the channels through which faculty and staff can find support and information regarding issues of SLO assessment reporting and development that encompass campus wide SLO assessment reporting efforts. Both committees also provide meeting minutes and other documentation that trace the history of SLO assessment efforts at Sacramento City College.