SLO Resources

SCC’s SLO Philosophy Statement was developed by a cross-constituency SLO advisory group with feedback from the campus community.  It was officially adopted by the Academic Senate in Spring, 2005. The SLO assessment process provides faculty, classified staff, and students with both formative and summative feedback on student learning.  Many instructional and student service areas have developed meaningful SLO assessment plans and are currently engaged at various stages of the assessment cycle.

ACCJC Annual Reports

Reports submitted to Accrediting commission on SLO development and assessment status, 2006-2014.

ACCJC Annual Report 2006-07

ACCJC Annual Report SLO Update 2007

ACCJC Annual Report 2008-09

ACCJC Annual Report SLO Update 2009

Recent Commission Decisions on ACCJC Standards and Processes-2014


SLO Status Reports

CCSSE Items Mapped to GELOs report update for 2012

GE SLO Assessment Notes 2009 to 2013

ProLO summary March 30 2014

Spring 2014 SLOAC Meetings and SLO FLEX Activities:

  • SLOAC meeting: February 13th from 1-2. Location: LRC 105
  • FLEX Activity: SLO assessment reporting workshop on February 20th from 12-1. Location: RN 208
  • Joint meeting of SLOAC and Department Chairs Council: March 6th from 12-1. Location: RN 208
  • SLOAC meeting: March 13th from 1-2. Location: LRC 105
  • FLEX Activity: SLO assessment reporting workshop on March 20th from 12-1. Location: RN 208
  • SLOAC meeting: March 27th from 12-1.  Location: LRC 105
  • SLOAC meeting: April 10th from 1-2.  Location: BUS 107
  • SLOAC meeting: May 8th from 12-1.  Location:  RHS 173

For more information on these or future workshops and presentations, please contact Maria Regalado, SLO Coordinator, or (916) 650-2734.

Website Resources

Student Learning Outcomes Website – Sacramento City College SLO Assessment – This site presents information on SLO assessment efforts at SCC including resources from the Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee (SLOAC), templates and materials on SLO assessment at the course and program levels, and completed SLO assessment reports and departmental multi-year SLO assessment plans.

Accrediting Commission of Community and Junior Colleges – This site provides a variety of detailed and summary information on the accreditation process.  The text of the standards themselves are an important resource and can be accessed by selecting the “Core Documents and Publications” link.