Student Learning Outcomes in Student Services

Student Services is committed to a continuous process of evaluation and planning that utilizes program and area Student Learning Outcomes as a primary tool. All program and area Student Learning Outcomes are linked to Student Services General Learning Outcomes (SSGLOs), which are linked to Institutional Learning Outcomes (ISLOs), as well as SSSP and Student Equity goals.

In 2014/2015 Student Services established a SLO Workgroup which reports directly to the Associate Vice President of Student Services. The Student Services Student Learning Outcomes Workgroup, working side-by-side with the SLOAC (an Academic Senate subcommittee), is actively engaged in supporting SLO assessment efforts across all areas of Student Services and facilitating communication regarding SLOs throughout the Student Services Division. The Workgroup is currently composed of Student Services faculty (3), Instructional faculty (1), Classified Staff (1), and Managers (1).

In Fall 2014, the Student Services SLO Workgroup reviewed resource documents and processes and made recommendations for revisions in order to streamline Division efforts. As a result, the Student Learning Outcomes Glossary for Student Services was created as a tool to reduce confusion over terms and acronyms used in the SLO development and evaluation process.

Additionally, the Workgroup conducted a survey of all Student Services programs and areas in order to create current baseline data regarding their involvement in SLO assessment.

In Spring 2015, the Workgroup developed a Student Services SLO Reporting Form to be used until a web-based data interface is completed. This web-based interface is projected to be completed in Fall 2015.

Questions or feedback on Student Service SLO efforts can be directed to members of the Student Services SLO Assessment Workgroup, or Debra Luff, Associate Vice President of Student Services at