Student Services Student Learning Outcomes (SSLOs)


Beginning in Spring, 2006, a large number of faculty and staff from student service areas across the college attended several workshops and working division meetings to develop these Student Services Division Program Learning Outcomes for Student Services.  The product of these efforts represents the areas of knowledge and skills that we expect students to learn and apply as a result of their interactions with student support services here at SCC.

SLO Development and Assessment in Student Services

Student Services SLO Assessment Update Fall 2009 -  This update provides a summary of the current status of SLO assessment efforts across all areas in Student Services.

Student Services Program Reviews – Explore the specific SLO efforts of each Student Services unit by navigating to section II.3 of their current Program Review.


In Spring 2014, the Student Services SLO Committee was formed and the Student Services Division Program Learning Outcomes were revised in order to simplify their use in Area SLO assessment.

Questions or feedback on Student Service SLO efforts can be directed to members of the Student Services SLO Assessment Committee, or Debra Luff, Associate Vice President of Student Services (ext. 2139