Sociology Program

The Sociology Associate in Arts degrees are designed to prepare students for further study in Sociology leading to the BA, MA, MSW and/or Ph.D. degrees. Sociologists with graduate degrees teach at the high school, college and graduate levels.

Research sociologists manage and execute research at the local, state and federal levels and in both private and public sector industry. Additional careers facilitated by advanced study of sociology include public policy analysis, jurisprudence and careers in international fields.

Applied sociologists work with social service agencies and community programs in developing resources for various populations, e.g., at-risk-youth, the elderly or people experiencing challenges related to poverty, substance abuse or the justice system.

Sociology majors are encouraged to participate in community activities and community service internships and often attend relevant guest lectures and public events.

Program of Study for the Sociology Degrees

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The sociology major is designed to prepare students for further study in sociology leading to the BA, MA, MSW, and/or Ph.D. degrees. The transfer degree program provides students the… MORE >>