Individual Professional Development Opportunities

CWT, LRCEA, Sabbatical, LRCFT

The professional development opportunities available for Los Rios vary depending on the employee’s collective bargaining unit or association affiliation. Please see the LRCCD Human Resources Informational Flyer #9  for charts and to review the collective bargaining agreements and/or district policies and regulations for additional information.

Conference, Workshop & Travel (CWT)

Conference, workshop and travel (CWT) funds are available yet limited.

To receive CWT funds follow the Guidelines for SCC Conference, Workshop & Travel Funding Process. This instructional pdf will give you the funding information and formula, application process, submission process, reimbursement process and recommendations/reminders.

Travel requests must be pre-approved by your dean or unit manager before CWT funds can be disbursed. Submit your pre-approved Travel Request to the Staff Resource Center.

Please check with your division about additional staff development funds that might be available.

**** Important Change to Travel Authorization ****
Effective August 6, 2014
Interim Guidelines for Travel Reimbursement

Changes to our travel authorization procedures are being implemented immediately. The most notable change to Regulations eliminates reimbursements for meals and incidental expenses for non-overnight travel and travel within the District boundaries. For more details please review the Interim Guidelines for Travel Reimbursement memo. Question should be directed to the SCC Business Services Office.

SCC Forms & Guidelines:

CWT Forms & Guidelines:

LRCEA Staff Development Opportunities

LosRios Classified Employees Association (LRCEA), formed in 1977, is the exclusive bargaining representative (Union) of the White Collar bargaining unit for Los Rios Community College District (LRCCD). The White Collar Bargaining Unit consists of all employees in position classifications as listed in Appendix C of the LRCEA Collective Bargaining Agreement.

LRCCD provides funds for LRCEA Classified Staff development activities. SCC Classified Staff may apply for funding by completing the application.

Funds are:

• Available to support conference, workshop, and travel for non-mandatory staff training up to $1000 annually
• Administered by an SCC subcommittee of LRCEA
• May be submitted on an ongoing basis

Other Classified Staff Development resources include:

• Reimbursement of tuition and book expenses after successful completion of course(s) taken at LRCCD schools – limit of $800 per Los Rios fiscal year
• Reimbursement of non-LRCCD college tuition based on grade of “C” or better for classes approved by supervisor and related to job — Max $800 in Los Rios fiscal year up to $1600 total
• A staff development leave program

For details on these resources, please view the LRCEA Contract.

For additional LRCEA information, please go to the LRCEA website.


Professional Development (Sabbatical) Leaves provide faculty members release from regular duties to enable them to respond to changing educational conditions and student needs. These leaves allow time for faculty to engage in studies, projects, or other beneficial activities which do not fall within their regular responsibilities.

Professional Development (Sabbatical) Leaves, Types A and B

Type A leave is one (1) semester at full pay or one (1) year at half pay.

Type B leave is leave at full pay of up to one hundred percent (100%) reassigned time for us to one (1) year in duration.

Tenured faculty members are eligible for both Type A and Type B leaves. Tenure-track faculty who have completed three full years of service are only eligible for Type B leaves.

The Professional Standards Committee reviews all faculty applications once per semester and submits its recommendations to the College President. Final approval of the leaves is granted by the Board.

Additional information is available in the LRCFT Contract (section 11.6).
The contract can be accessed by clicking on the link “Los Rios College Federation of Teachers” at Faculty can also contact the Office of Instruction for information.

Professional Development Leaves, Type C

Faculty who teach overloads without additional compensation may accrue the equivalent formula hours (EFHs) up to a maximum of thirty (30) EFHs which may be applied towards a Type C Professional Development Leave.

A Type C leave allows the faculty member to take a paid leave of up to a full year. Fifteen (15) equivalent formula hours must be accrued prior to taking the leave and are required for each semester of Type C leave. Faculty who wish to accrue or “bank” their overload must submit the appropriate form prior to the start of the semester or contract year in which the non-paid overload assignment occurs. Prior to taking the leave, faculty must submit a written request (Application for Type-C Leave, P-145) to their division dean.

Applications for Spring 2015 Sabbatical should be submitted to the Vice President of Instruction Office by 5:00pm, September 12, 2014.

For more details please review the Spring 2015 Sabbatical/Professional Development Leaves memo. 

More information on Type C Leaves is available in the LRCFT Contract (section 11.7).
Forms can be found on the LRCCD District Human Resources site at

Type C Leave Banking Request Form
Type C Leave Application Form


Several advisory bargaining units have educational benefits. Please review the contracts for available professional development opportunities.